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  1. Official 2015 Soap Bubble info Thread

    Hey Everyone! So you wanna be a GoGo Dancer... Attending ACen this year? Do you love great music and want to dance on stage in front of thousands of people? Want to get your name out there? Apply to be a GoGo Dancer for SoapBubble 2015! We are looking for groups of 3 or more people to dance on stage during the event. Pairs or individuals are welcome to apply, but you will be put into a group and need to coordinate with your assigned team prior to ACen. Email Soapbubble@ACen.org with your: Name Age Contact Info (email & phone) Dance Experience/Training Links to any online footage of you performing and/or Demo Video Submission (5-10 minutes) All dancers will need to meet the following conditions: 1. Must be 18+ 2. You will be expected to dance for the entire show. It is 8 hours long and you will have a 10-15 minute break per hour. Water and backstage seating for your breaks will be provided. 3. Your dance routine should be an organized choreography with your teammates. 4. Your team's costumes do not need to match, but should follow a general theme. Preference is given to Anime or Rave themes. 5. If your costume involves a skirt you MUST wear spanx or dancewear. This means a black, lycra/spandex material. Black cotton underwear is see-through in some camera flashes and is not an acceptable substitute. NO EXCEPTIONS - keep it PG-13. 6. "Pasties" or strings are not acceptable tops. All costuming must be approved prior to the con. 7. Hula hoops or props will be allowed on a discretionary basis. This also needs to be cleared prior to the show. 8. Dangerous, overtly drunken, or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes the following: Wardrobe "Malfunctions" Inappropriate hand gestures Stage Diving Anything Illegal 9. You will be expected to follow all of ACen's rules during the event. These can be found here: http://www.ACen.org/content/ACen-rules We will be looking to you to keep up the energy and hype up the crowd! Bring your A-game!
  2. Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted thought to yourself, "I'm an awesome DJ! I would love to show everyone just how awesome I am!" Here is your opportunity to do so! The Soap Bubble at Anime Central is looking to take on DJs for 2015. The Soap Bubble is the Saturday night dance/rave where thousands of people come together to let loose and party out. If you would like to audition for a spot on the Soap Bubble lineup, please follow the following instructions: 1) Send your DJ resume to soapbubble@ACen.org 2) Your resume should include a summary of your DJ history and places you have DJ'd. 3) Your resume should also include a 30 - 45 minute demo of your intended music to be played at the Soap Bubble. The recording must be LIVE and unedited. Bonus points if you have yourself recorded on video doing the mix. If so, please include a YouTube link in the resume. The video should display your work behind the turntables. 4) You must be at least 21 years of age to be considered with at least 3 years of DJing experience performing in front of large crowds. 5) If you are applying as a DJ pair, you will need to submit demos on a "per DJ" basis. Each DJ must be looked into separately and will be judged separately. If you are selected for consideration, an email will be sent back in reply letting you know the date and location of the auditions. You will need to reply back to confirm the date you will show up. You will be expected to show up on that date. Failure to do so will result in your name being taken out of consideration. If you are out of state and are not able to make it to a live audition, arrangements will be made so you will still be able to audition. The first deadline for resume's is 2/4/2015. The 2nd deadline will be announced after the first auditions take place. Thank you, Scott "DJ Scottaconda" Mellor Soap Bubble Manager

    I was the first DJ up and I didn't have any Dubstep in my set. In comparison to the other genres played, Dubstep was actually not played all that much. My set was nothing but hard electro. Edit- Sorry was in a rush to post while leaving from the computer I was using. To further on this, What are some music genres you would like to hear? Also, the soapbubble ending at 3am was unfortunate, but from what I understand, several factors led to it's early shutdown. Regardless, we are going to try to present several options in order to alleviate and/or possibly solve several problems that have been recurring. We will also be looking into some options that will further enhance what has been going right. I have to say that I am liking the feedback. It's very constructive so far, though I wish some of it was a little more specific or elaborated on. Regardless, what has been presented is a good stepping stone. I will be trying to re-create my set from ACen and make a recording for CD distribution, free of charge ^_^ Now to the selfish part... For anyone that caught my set, did you like it? Did you not?
  4. SoapBubble 2011 info and DJ line up.

    It was a huge rush to play for the soapbubble this year! Shout out to all the people that came in and partied their hearts out! Big shout out to all the DJs this year that murdered the boundaries of musical genre and created a massive flow! I did not get to record my set, but I will be doing a re-creation and putting it out on the net and on CD.
  5. So far there isn't a "hiring" process to become a soapbubble dancer. The Soapbubble dancers we currently have were pre-arranged for by people we know in the industry. If we ever do come up with a "for hire" for soapbubble dancers, we will post it up as such. For right now we are still testing the waters.
  6. DJ 4 Dead

    Zac: Yea man I know! When I blow up, I'll be sure to do a few gigs out your way ^_^ Traveling across each state is expensive.... I know because I used to have to make trips between Madison and Chicago. Sometimes even from Steven's point(all in Wisconsin). Not fun for my wallet.
  7. DJ 4 Dead

    So I don't know why this didn't strike me earlier, but the ACen forums is an incredible resource! /facepalm Basically for this whole month I have been DJing over at a Chicago venue and have been advertising solely on Facebook. While most of my contacts there are within the Chicago network, it's still limited. A good friend of mine reminded me that a lot of the people I have been attending ACen with as both an attendee and as a staffer have grown up quite a bit.... well.... Age has increased..... "growing up" is pretty relative term depending on who you're referring to and who they are hanging out with.....I digress. Here's the deal! If you are local to Chicago or are planning a trip into Chicago, 21 and over and are looking for something to do for the weekend, look no further! I'm at it once again!! But I've found some odd news from last week... Apparently, during and after last week's Sexy in Red party, there has been a localized outbreak of zombies! Some have fended them off, others were not so lucky. Now the survivors are planning to meet at Chicago by Night bar and grill (5600 W. Belmont Ave) to regroup, resupply and hold out till the morning. The zombies are still on their heels, though, and the survivors need help! This week's theme, as you may have guessed, is the Zombies vs Survivors party! Come dressed up as a zombie or as a survivor of the outbreak! Don't get too ragged now lol! It's the week before the Halloween weekend and we're going to get it kicked off this weekend and follow into the next. 9:30pm- 2:30am No cover charge at the door! Free street parking in the area after 9pm and free parking in the parking garage just south on Central Ave. House tracks all night with some special ghetto house toward the end. Spread the word around and let them know the zombies are coming! ***Please no props*** See you on Friday! ^_^ I'm working on negotiating for the next 2 months. If I get this deal, I'll have a 7 Friday long theme that is going to be full of Epic Win!
  8. Geek.kon 2010!

    Confirmed DJs for Geek.kon 2010 are: Scottaconda Soul Rocker Jeffito Just Elmo OpM Pending: StickeeFingazz and 1 other. I also got confirmation that we will have the Main Programming room till 4am! WooT! Last hour of The Mixer will again be an all request hour. Bring in Mp3 CDs and USB memory sticks with the tracks you want to hear! The Mixer will be on the 4th which is a Saturday. I'm still accepting applications and Demos.
  9. Geek.kon 2010!

    http://forums.geekkon.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1146&p=5707#p5707 I am offiically the lead DJ and DJ coordinator for Geek.kon's "Mixer"! This will be my 3rd year DJing for Geek.kon! I'm really happy that they keep asking me back T.T (happy tears). I really plan to revamp the whole thing and turn it into a constant dance fest! Taking notes from the past 2 years as well as suggestions, I will do my best to make this year's mixer into the most Epic Mixer to date. My ultimate goal is to rival the other cons that are happening around the same time. Attention DJs! If you would like to DJ for Geek.kon, send me a link or message and let me know you are interested along with a demo (10-30min). I will be updating the lineup list as I make decisions. You can also email me at aznfuzndragon@hotmail.com If you do not have a demo uploaded to the net, you can mail them to me as well, but please PM me. So far there are 3 confirmed DJs and 2 pending. I am still accepting applicants. DJ Scottaconda DJ OpM DJ Soul Rocker DJ Jeffito -pending The last DJ that is pending is the person who will be helping with our lights. I have to get more details from him, so right now he is only on pending status. I'm also in the works to try and push the time limit from 12am to 4am. The last hour will be a follow in just like last year where we made it an "All request hour". The difference this year is I will be bringing my ENTIRE library! Chances are, if there's a song you want, I will have it. I still encourage people to bring CDs, USB drives, etc.... so that it will be guaranteed. CDs can be in MP3 or audio format. I have a DJ in the lineup who wants to spin dubstep! I've been hearing around a lot of different cons that they want to hear dubstep, so I made it happen! I will continue to update as I get some. Things are already looking up for us. 1st year's mixer was only a few ipods and a set of computer speakers. 2nd year I came in and DJ'd with some minor speaker equipment and lights. 3rd year we upgraded our sound system, we upgraded to a hotel ballroom, included 2 more DJs and a few extra small lights plus ran till about 2am. 4th year.... well.... that's this year and we are getting more DJs, more flow and energy with the music, we now have an entire lights system and we are still putting more into the works.
  10. Tickets For Events: Discontinued!

    Is it possible to have this announcement done at opening ceremonies?
  11. Concert N Dance Rules

    Well, that clarifies that part. This will take some looking into to see why the camera ban was placed for the dances and what can be done to straighten this matter out.
  12. Concert N Dance Rules

    A DJ event IS a concert event. Depending on the DJ, they too can belong to labels and companies that also own bands and singers. The policy can thereby apply to all who belong to said label unless there are individual contracts that detail out how photography and video coverage would work out or even if it's not even an issue for people to take pics and vids. Bootlegging is one concern, but that is always a constant battle in the music industry. Example: content in this example does not necessarily reflect actual conditions or deals involving any particular person, label or company. Let's say that I am a DJ and am owned by Panasonic. I do all and any event that Panasonic wants me too because they sign my paychecks. ACen contacts Panasonic and they are requesting me to come and be a special DJ guest. The company asks me and I say yes. They then write up a contract for ACen to review and sign if they agree. Part of that contract states that photography and video coverage of me is not allowed by anyone other than Peter Griffen (roll with it), whom also works for Panasonic, during my performance. ACen signs the contract and makes arrangements so that no one else other than Mr. Griffen are allowed to have cameras in the room where I am performing. Some of ACen's DJs may have just been asked to perform. Others may have needed to be contracted in. Others may have even asked ACen if they could come and be a DJ for the dances. I can't say who belongs to which section, but if one or several of the DJs have been contracted, they belong to a company and that company has made it part of the contract to have certain conditions met, then that would explain why this policy has come to be this year. I'm not saying that's what happened because I have not seen or have any knowledge of any contracts that may or may not have been signed. I'm just saying it's a possibility. Side note: I'm a DJ and think of myself as an entertainer and a performer much like any other band, singer, comedian, actor, etc... Please don't make it seem that just because DJs don't use "conventional" or "typical" instruments that we're on some lower level of being musicians. Our events style of music play is not a characterization of a concert. It is a concert. And the same "harm" that is posed in taking a photo or video in a band or singers' concert is the same as a DJ's. This side note is not posted in anger, but I have to say I was a little offended by your earlier post. Also, I took the chill pill before posting. I'm hoping that this has helped to clear things up.
  13. Soapbubble & Harcore Synergy 2010

    What is the deadline for submitting info and demos?
  14. Wooden Sword