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  1. It's almost con time!

    All ready for the 6 hour car trip from Northern Michigan to ACen!! Plenty of noms and tunes for the ride. Just have to conquer those things called "tolls" ;)
  2. Countdown From A Million!

  3. Main Ballroom/Big Event Schedule?

    Thank you VERY much for getting this up and running :)
  4. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, always. Anyone up for strip Anime Name That Tune?
  5. What are you listening to?

    Juno Reactor :)
  6. Pimp Your Table

    Our popular anime-themed cookbook is still around: I bought your cookbook for my partner, which he LUVS. You have some amazing buttons! Be prepared to accept my cash :)
  7. Count To 500 (Before A Mod Posts!)

    45...and I can't count
  8. Recent Anime Purchases

    Just picked up Season 1 of Revolutionary Girl Utena---freaking love it! Now I have to scrape the money together for the other two seasons...*shakes tin cup*
  9. con survival guide y'all....

    I completely agree with #6-I've staffed cons for three years and even if the volunteers/staff are super busy, they are also super friendly and helpful. Kinda in our nature ;)
  10. Main Ballroom/Big Event Schedule?

    Any news about Main Programing in the schedule yet?
  11. ACEN 2012 Weather Forecast

    Hmmm...wet wig = not so happy Plum
  12. It's almost con time!

    Five days to go....five looooooong days
  13. Crazy for the Blue Bomber

    I can dig it--it's nicely layered. My favorite theme is Top Man's, followed by Metal Man
  14. Countdown From A Million!