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  1. Guest Schedules

    Thank you Ken!! Will the topics of the 07th Expansion panels be released before ACen still? Thanks for all your hard work! :)
  2. Room for 1/2 - Embassy Suites

    Full now! Please lock! <3
  3. Type Moon/Fate 2015

    I plan on coming to take photos at least, but might bring Sakura as an easy night time cosplay, so we'll see! :)
  4. Room for 1/2 - Embassy Suites

    Hi! I recently had some changes in who was in my room so I'm looking to find 1, maybe 2 people for to share my room at the Embassy Suites. Must be female, over 21 This is NOT a party room - Drinking responsibly is fine, no smoking. You will have the choice of sharing the bed/couch or sleeping on the floor $125 for Friday and Saturday nights only (not Thursday) 2 people will only be allowed TOGETHER (as in you and your friend are looking for a spot together) Please contact me here if you are interested! Thanks!
  5. When They Cry 2015

    I'll have Erika and my cospartner as Bernkastel :D If we end up not wearing them during the gathering, I'll probably come by to take photos instead :D
  6. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    Slightly old progress pic, but no good picture from today. XD @CrimsonAnime - You look so good!!! I hope I see you in person there so I can take a picture because you look so adorable! >3<
  7. Cosstudio 2014

    Any news on Cosstudio panels/Fabric Swap/EtcEtc?
  8. Tumblr Users

    Cosplay Blog: Cosplay tutorials/cosplayers/answering cosplay help asks/personal WIP Personal Blog- Cute things, Magical Girls, Puppies, Complaining about my life, Type-Moon, Ryukishi07, Fish, Whatever I want basically :P
  9. Beyond the Boundary 2014

    There's only a few days left to submit gatherings - is someone planning on running this? I'd vote for Friday. :)
  10. Type Moon 2014

    My best friend/cosplay partner will be doing Miyu when I'm in Illya and Maiya when I'm in Iri. >3< This is always my favorite shoot so I hope a lot of people show up. :)
  11. Type Moon 2014

    I should have Prisma Illya and Irisviel (White coat) this year. :3 Can probably bring School Uniform Sakura too if anyone is wearing Rider and wants to take pictures :) :) I want to do Akiha some time, but it won't be for this ACen unfortunately. ^^; And I've seriously wanted to do the Carnival Phantasm OP dance at one of these for the past few years but I always chicken out (or miss the shoot by a few minutes like last year OTL)
  12. I've done both, haha! Super Pinky Bright Red: http://i.imgur.com/z9rtzc7.jpg Vassen Lollipop Pink: http://i.imgur.com/RnuNkwH.jpg I can take better pictures of the lenses in if you're interested :)
  13. animal crossing new leaf

    mememememeeeeeeeee I want to visit more towns and have people come to mine
  14. Lost shipping information/company.

    https://www.facebook.com/DandyThings I think?
  15. The ACen CoStudio!

    That's Rachael of LuckyGrim Cosplay :) She's at Anime Boston this weekend, but this is her facebook https://www.facebook.com/notes/luckygrimcosplay if you want to ask her about it!