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  1. Werewolf 2015

    Just LF the friends I played werewolf with. Wore a Matryoshka hoodie. ^_^
  2. It would be nice to get a few vocaloid producers to ACen. That would probably attracted a lot of well known djs as well. Making ACen musically attractive with all the jpop/ jrock going around. Utsu-p yuyoyuppe would be my first to grab. Revolution boi is pretty good. Def would be an awesome year if that happened
  3. Metaloid/Vocaloid

    Been to a few Vocaloid Panels and I enjoyed them all, so I got the idea to start my own and wanted to see some feed back. I wanted to start a Metaloid/ rock/ with regular vocaloid tunes Panel. With a little bit more detailed information on Artist/ artwork/ where to subscribe to find such artist and HUGE details on software. (I feel like a lot of panels missed that) Also I'd like to hear about other experience with vocaloid what they like and dislike about it and where they believe it's headed. Just fun stuff! THe idea is to lead the panel, ut you as the find somewhat decided where it goes. I might even hold prizes!
  4. I'll try to keep this short do to the fact that most the information is on the facebook page for what it's about. This is a group for the Chicago land area for Vocaloid fans of all types. There will be a meetup for those who decide to show up on August 2 at the Bean. This will be the first meet up ever for this page so lets hope it goes well. It will be a meet and greet do to the fact it is the first time. Cos play is encouraged but you don't have too , but it will make it more fun(Might be a photo shoot) Hope you can make it ^_^/>/>/> August 2 3:30 The bean Vocafriends Oh, don't forget to like : 3
  5. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    I was only able to stay for one dat
  6. I notice there aren't any vocaloid meet up groups in the Chicago land area so I'm making my own? This is for like minded people who enjoy vocaloid and wish to make new friends and have fun. I will be making events when the weather gets better but that all depends on how many people are for it. For such said events I will be having video game holdings , cos play contest, karoke contest, Knowledge contest and much more. *with prize give a ways of course* I will need people to help me run this as well so please inbox me if you have any ideas or anyways to help make this run smoothly please inbox me https://www.facebook.com/Leeblythe1. This is a share and give bases so will be discussing Artist / illustrators, producers, and music..which will hopefully make this fun and everyone can leave with a better knowledge because we may not know what the next person does ya know? Hope this goes well.
  7. Singles Gathering

    Heh, let the memories flow.
  8. What are you listening to?

    [Official HQ] Kikuo - ã¦ã‚“ã—ょã†ã€€ã—ょã†ã¦ã‚“ã—ょㆠ"Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho"
  9. Singles Gathering

    Not sure what the deal is but I'd go..I usually just like to sit in the back and watch how things pan out heh. I usually go just for the atmosphere really. ...oh and recording lol

    Sounds like an awesome thing going down. Might add if you are up to it Choreograph ftw!
  11. Vocaloid Photoshoot 2013

    So many matryoshkas >.< ..guess I'll try to get a male yukari fit together I love the hoodie style.but.no way I can do Matryoshka again >.<..I'll wear it on the way to ACen I guess lol I'm still on the drawing board >.<
  12. Vocaloid Cosplayers?

    Hey there! hmm..I know that feel lol usually at the con shoots people are in groups already.but hm..It's hard to say I don't necessarily cosplay..I just..make my own stuff? lol Name is Lee btw. Got anything planned for the vocaloid event?
  13. Anime Nights~

    Is this still going on? lol
  14. Hello to all! Name is Lee and I am currently trying to get a vocaloid community going for the Chicago land area. It's just casual meet to make like minded friends and hang out and have some fun, so come as you are or cos play if you will! If your from the Chicago land area and interested like the page and keep up for future events I will be hosting. Depending on how many people support this and back this up will determine if anything happens. I will be recruiting during ACen as well and shooting some vids for the page. There is a better description in the "ABOUT" page If the link doesn't work let me know..Had some funky issues last night when people told me the link didn't work but it was fixed. See you guys there ^. ^ My link Also message me or add me on facebook if you have any questions or ideas taht will help :D https://www.facebook.com/Leeblythe1
  15. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    woot found myself but I cant tag XD ...Like yur pics makes me want cupcakes ._. *Droools*