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    space *-*
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    anime, visual kei, studying, reading, swimming, volleyball, cosplay, makeup =)
  1. J-rock, Visual Kei, and K-pop 2013

    I will be dressing Visual Kei, but not cosplaying a particular person XD
  2. Free Photo shoots

    Oooh, this is something that I am definitely interested in! I will be going all out fashion wise this year. I have already liked your page and look forward to collaborating with you at this year's ACen!
  3. Fake Female Gamers

    It's pretty sad when a girl does something like that =P honestly i don't understand why people pretend to be someone they are not just to get with someone they like XD in the end it will not work out because of the aforementioned, the other person will eventually find out =P i have not experienced it myself but i come across a lot of people who fake their personality and likes, and it's depressing that legit boys/girls fall for these kinds of people =/
  4. Favorite Anime Couple?

    i want Tamaki & Haruhi of Ouran High School together XO