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  1. ACEN Masquerade 2012: Questions? Ask here!

    How do you sign up for the walk on? And when can we?
  2. Walk On

    Thank you so much!
  3. Walk On

    How do you sign up for the masquerade walk on? Me and my friend want to do it for the upcoming one but we don't know how to. Can anyone help?
  4. Weird Labels

    So I have noticed some crazy labels on things like shampoos saying not to swallow or ingest. Does anyone else have crazy labels or warnings that they have seen that are worth sharing?
  5. What's your symptoms when you're tired?

    I get EXTREMELY slap happy and cannot stop talking. I laugh at random things (like a crack in the ceiling...this happened last year at ACen and I fell off the bed...more like was sucked into the floor) Ex. Me and my friend Inkwell09 made her trashcan talk...and sing bad romance... Ex. Then another friend we got real quiet then all I hear is a maniacal laugh next to me...then she hit me...it was war after that
  6. Favorite Anime Couple?

    *Ahem* Well...let's get started now. Hetalia ~GerIta ~Spamano (Spain and Romano) ~Spain and Me ~Canada and America ~Russia and Japan Durarara ~Izaya and Shizuo Vocaloid ~Luka and Kaito ~Gakupo and Gumi ~Kaito and Me ~Kaito and Miku ~Kaito and Gakupo (They get around...) D. Gray Man ~Allen and Lenalee ~Allen and Road (More for this one) Black Butler ~Grell and Sebastian ~Ciel and Sebastian (I don't care what people say :P) Vampire Knight ~Zero and Yuki ~Zero and Me ~Ichiru and Me ~Akatsuki and Ruka ~Rima and Senri Death Note ~Matt and Mello Fullmetal Alchemist ~Edward Elric and Me ~Edward and Winry Naruto ~Naruto and Sakura Fruits Basket ~Kyo and Tohru ~Rin and Hatsuharu ~Kyo and Me ~Machi and Yuki I will probably have others up some other time just the combined brain power of mine and my friends is not enough at 1 in the morning (ie. we can't think of other titles)
  7. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    You know you're an otaku when you want to cosplay as your favorite pairing for your wedding
  8. True Or False

    False but my creepy friend loves anchovies (Inkwell09) TNP loves to make forts out of snow
  9. Durarara

    I'm on episode 2 or 3 but I read all the manga chapters they have online and I love it especially Izaya
  10. In love with a fictitous character

    Yeah I'm that abusive 5' friend. I LOVE EDWARD. Like seriously do. My mom finally gave up on trying to tell me he wasn't real :D
  11. Hey Everyone

    Ok will do :) thanks
  12. Hey Everyone

    I've been going to ACen for a few years now with Inkwell09 and she just helped me create an account like yesterday so... yeah. I have cosplayed Near from Death Note in 2009, "Stereotype" Otaku kid in 2010, Luka (Matryoshka and Just Be Friends) in 2011, and plan to be Izaya from Durarara! and Jasdero from D. Gray Man this coming year. So I'm looking for peeps who will help me learn about the forums