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  1. SoapBubble 2012 info and suggestion thread

    This message is entirely directed at deadmau5 fan, but anyone can feel free to respond. Dear Anonymous person who made an account and made their only post just before I was answered as to whether or not I'd be playing ACen, no. I'm not stupid. I highly question your authenticity, especially when all your post was, was a long brown-nosing dialogue about Jeffito and then suddenly switching gears to attack me, who never wronged you. And then to state how everyone involved is so "idiotic" and should be "ashamed" for even considering letting a new guy play. Obviously (if you're a REAL person) you've never listened to my music, and have no right to call me "amateur and unprofessional". If you're a fake profile, then YOU should be ashamed for your over-the-top mudslinging. Regardless, whatever and whoever you are, your campaign to "bring back Jeffito" was doomed to failure from the get go, at least according to my knowledge. But who knows who you are in reality. You could be a higher up. You could be who you say you are. You could be anybody and nobody at the same time. Gotta love being Anonymous, huh? But it doesn't matter. You got your wish. Or at least half of it. My friend and I who were hoping to do that tag team set at ACen 2012? Not happening. But last I heard, Jeffito still isn't DJing. (Note: as much as it sounds like it. I'm not targetting Jeff here or trying to put him down.) Maybe next year we'll be back. Maybe. Thank you for probably being the reason that I didn't get to do something fun in April, whoever you are.
  2. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    Hank said he's cool with it. See you on the 22nd, Allen. :D
  3. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    I can get you (and whatever other couple staff members you bring) in for free no problem. Hank won't care since he wants me to spin anyways. Been getting lots of support on the ACen Facebook page.
  4. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    Like my gig on the 22nd in Chicago. ;D
  5. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    Well if you know your DJing well enough, then you can beatmatch. I personally have never worked with them so I'll need a bit of tutoring as to the whole... you know, track selection bit and the major details, I can figure the rest out by short and simple trial and error. My main issue will be finding a ride to and from. Chicago from my place is 6 hours one way. '>.>
  6. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    The live audition or whatever they have planned is the "final round" so to speak. From what I have perceived, he'll post the rules later today, we make a mix, submit it to this forum, and then they're going to judge those. The best ones will get a live audition.
  7. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    Just thought I'd post this practice mix before the rules and stuff got posted. http://soundcloud.com/dj-bs/happy-drum-n-bass-core
  8. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    I'll be mixing UK Hardcore and happy hardcore probably, and some other fun things. Later that day: http://soundcloud.com/dj-bs/part-of-my-heart
  9. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    As I believe Osama bin Laden said... Though it may have been Saddam Hussein... "My children, the Holy War has begun!" Working on getting a gig opening for Zed's Dead too for I think October.
  10. So you wanna be a Soapbubble DJ?

    I'm a DJ sponsored by Scenic Clothing and one of the Resident DJs of Wausaubi Con. I've got a gig coming up on Saturday. I'll record the set while spinning. And post any other mixes I do besides to show how I play differing genres. That said, here's a 15 minute hardcore mix that I made just last night that people seem to be going nuts over if I do say so myself. http://soundcloud.com/dj-bs/hit-me If possible, provided I do get picked which I'm not gonna lie, I'm really hoping for. Is a co-op performance allowed? Was hoping I could bring on my counterpart DJ with me.