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    South Chicago suburbs
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    Anime (of course!), gaming, World of Warcraft, drawing.
  1. Cooking Breakfast In A Hotel Room

    Last ACen I attended me and my friends just brought along a panini grill. Less creative but got the job done.
  2. Questions Only

    What makes you think I'm not blind?
  3. "Stupid question, stupid answer" game

    This way. That way is just sick and wrong and I'm a little ashamed you even suggested it. What's the point in exercising?
  4. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    I don't trust anyone if I can't see the shine of their eyes!
  5. Your favorite genre of anime

    I have a tendency to love anime that tries to screw with my head. Higurashi, Eva, RahXephon, FLCL...the more it tries to confuse me, the more I obsess over it.
  6. Ever been really creeped out/scared

    o_o Interest you in some unagi?

    Oreo ice cream, lime sherbet, and lemon Italian ice!
  8. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Name/Nickname: Simm's fine til I know someone better. Age: 26 Location: South Chicago suburbs Favorite Anime(s): Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Eva, RahXephon, FMA (original and Brotherhood), Cowboy Bebop Least Favorite: I can really tolerate watching almost anything, but you'll never catch me watching DB, DBZ, or Naruto alone! My personality type: Not quite "shy" but "reserved" until I'm more accustomed to being around someone. How you may contact me: PM is fine. A talent that i have: Pretty good at sketching and computer art. Always trying to improve. My Tastes (Movies, music, books, ect.): -Movies: Action/Sci-fi/Comedy/Animated. Pretty broad range; I like anything from Lord of the Rings to James Bond movies to Disney. -Music: Alternative/Classic Rock mostly; I can get into almost anything but country and absolutely cannot stand rap/hip-hop. -Books: Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, random comedy books. Small bio: I believe what matters most in life is having fun and keeping your friends and family close. Everything else comes second to that. My idea of a dream job would be Graphic Designer for a University. Not sure what else to say here <_< Pictures: Ask and ye may receive.
  9. What's your symptoms when you're tired?

    Simply nodding off at night is pretty standard for me. Waking up on the other hand is where it gets funny. Someone will try talking to me while I'm still half asleep and I'll give them replies with what I can only describe as "dream logic". Why am I not up and ready for work yet? Because Ganon stole my Blue Candle and I couldn't clear a path through the bushes surrounding the house!
  10. Favorite Anime Couple?

    I'd say my favorite is Ayato Kamina/Haruka Mishima from RahXephon. They have a rather complicated relationship that is just developed wonderfully over the course of the entire anime. Shinji/Asuka from NGE is interesting too, if only for watching a disastrous love/hate relationship on screen pumped full of unresolved sexual tension!
  11. Ever been really creeped out/scared

    That caught me COMPLETELY off guard! *shiver* What really creeps me out is hearing backwards messages in music. Even though I know 99% of the time the messages aren't really there. Having the message planted in my head and just the way music sounds when played backwards sends shivers down my spine.

    - Swimming! - Downtown trips during the Summer! - Singing in the car! - Finding good anime that doesn't hurt my wallet! - Getting together with friends and playing XBOX co-op via system link! - Throwing back a beer and shooting pool! - Recognizing a favorite voice actor in a new anime! - Finishing my last project of the night at work! - Drawing in my sketchbook! All of these things put me in a YEAAAAAAH! mood!