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  1. Convention Packing List

    I know the girl in that video! She's Dejavudea and she's an awesome individual! XD Great video find!
  2. ACen 2017 Is Over...

    Hey all! ACen is now officially over as of last night ofc, and I know we're all sad, but I thought I'd share my first ever ACen vlog-style video, with some con footage and some travel footage! Enjoy!
  3. Hey all! Out of all the cons I attend a year ACen is the only one I've not seen a Vocaloid gathering at. With the news of the cosplay gatherings staff head being reassigned, I'd be willing to help, or start an official or unofficial Vocaloid [photoshoot] gathering for next year's ACen in 2018. Who's game? Who wants to see this happen? I totally do, and it'd be a shame if it didn't, because I saw quite a few Vocaloids walking around. My friends surprised me and showed up as Family Mart Miku and Luka, and I was my genderbent Senbonzakura Miku as I was last year. Anyway, let's use this thread as a way to gauge interest in this and make it a reality!
  4. Countdown Until ACen's Old Enough to Drink!

    Ahahahaha I knew a post like this either here or on the FaceBook group would surface eventually....
  5. Sad Note...

    I think I remember him. My dad had pneumonia a few time in his life I believe, but I'm glad he's strong and he's still with us today! R.I.P.
  6. If anyone is looking for a room last minute the Aloft has 1 bed King rooms available at con-rate. Get on it! Sadly it seems I booked the last 2 bed queen, but even the 1 bed rooms are nice. GOOD LUCK! :)
  7. Convention Rooming PSA

    Okay so this is a mini-rant of sorts, so take it as you will, but I have a common sense PSA I want to get out there based on my Otakon experience this year.. When you're rooming with others and you realize that you can't show up, please do the RIGHT THING and cancel in DUE TIME. I had two people cancel on me on THURSDAY when we were checking into our hotel (on my way to its lobby in fact to meet up with my roommates that were there). I won't mention any names, but please know that I'm not directly mad anymore, but I'm still somewhat upset about it. If you MUST cancel on me or ANYONE in a situation where you owe a share of money, do NOT do it a mere 2 hours before an event is supposed to start (rough example I know). Thankfully I had awesome roommates this year and they pitched in with the missing cash, but I feel bad that they had to do that. Should this happen again (with such short notice) with anyone I invite to stay with me during a con weekend you are hereby banned from rooming with me. Either that, or once your interest is there please pay me in advance, and THEN if you can't show up, then tough luck with no refunds. It's only fair. End PSA/Rant.
  8. I'd still like a larger room... if anyone has one for me. lol.
  9. Looking for 2 people for our hotel room!

    https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Donald+E+Stephens+Convention+Center,+5555+N+River+Rd,+Rosemont,+IL+60018/La+Quinta+Inn+Chicago+O'Hare+Airport,+1900+Oakton+St,+Elk+Grove+Village,+IL+60007/@42.0041085,-87.9183229,14z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x880fb5fd86e69343:0xf59638d2764bf12b!2m2!1d-87.8617889!2d41.979457!1m5!1m1!1s0x880fb0e22e564a03:0xb3a696556316ab41!2m2!1d-87.9583241!2d42.023109!3e2 EDIT: I'm an idiot... this post is almost a year old... Carry on... nothing to see here.
  10. I'm in the same boat. So as to avoid getting yelled at for over-occupancy I'd like at least a 2 bed room so we can spread out more. Msg me here or tweet me @Shiggity1 if you have something for me.
  11. Amtrak?

    So true, but yeah he bailed on the idea.
  12. Amtrak?

    I'm still trying to figure out how I'm getting to Chicago this coming year.... There's a SMALL chance (when I ask him) that a friend and I could drive out from CT.. i.e. I would go down there and then we drive up from there... I'll keep you posted.
  13. So I've been requesting / suggesting that US cons as big as ACen bring Do As Infinity to their events since at least 2012. I'd really like to see that happen! I've been a huge fan of their's since I heard Fukai Mori during my first watch-through of Inuyasha waaaayy back in 2001 or so. They are a great Jpop band outside of their anime repertoire, and I think ACen goers would love them as much as I do. Another set of guests I'd LOVE to see at a US convention is the original 5 seiyuu from the 90s Sailor Moon anime (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi and Fukami Rika, listed in the order of how their characters are introduced). I would totally die happy if I could see a live tongue fight on stage between Usagi (Mitsuishi-san) and Rei (Michie-san) and other such moments from the anime live at ACen. If one or both of these things was to happen any ACen soon, I'd love you forever!
  14. I'mma bump this thread since I still want this to happen. xD EDIT: Oh and since any of the lovely SM ladies I mentioned also sing in character throughout the 90s anime, they could also double as musical guests. xD
  15. How Much Should I Save?

    So, I know this thread is super old at this point, and these forums are severely underused these days, but here are some money/budgeting suggestions that I offered to Otakon goers this year: https://board.otakon.com/index.php?/topic/27513-the-otakon-2016-how-much-money-should-i-bring-thread/ Even though I posted that on Otakon's forums, you can apply the general concepts etc to ACen as well. Happy saving! I've started to save for ACen 2017 already.
  16. Twitch Accounts

    https://www.twitch.tv/Shiggitay1. I play Project Diva games mostly.
  17. Hello Hello!

    Welcome [back] to the insanity that is the ACen forums! haha. It's more active around here closer to ACen itself (and somewhat afterwards too for con feedback etc) but yeah. Don't be shy and post away! I've been going to ACen every year since 2012. Feel free to ask me or anyone else anything you want about the con! Happy Graduation coming up! :)
  18. AnimeNYC

    I do 3-4 a year. xD
  19. AnimeNYC

    I really hope this con does well... I'd totally come down to it every year. I'd love to have a November NYC trip. xD
  20. 2017 Guest Suggestions

    Since no con I attend ever has had been able to grab these people, I'll request (as I always do) the following: Musical guest (I wouldn't mind having to pay something extra if it's in the Rosemont Theater): Do As Infinity. They're responsible for getting me deeper into J-Culture and J-pop, and I'd LOVE to see them jam out their newer stuff, as well as some classic stuff like Shinjitsu no Uta and Fukai Mori, just to name a few. Japanese voice actor/seiyuu guests: Hayashibara Megumi | Kugimiya Rie | Any or all of the original 90s Sailor Moon cast : Mitsuishi Kotono (Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon) Hisakawa Aya (Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury Tomizawa Michie (Hino Rei/Sailor Mars) Shinohara Emi (Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter) Fumaki Rica (Aino Minako/Sailor Venus) I'd be so happy to see Usagi and Rei have a tongue battle on stage. Also them yelling our their transformation phrases... omfg. It'd be hilarious and awesome. Any kind of dialogue between them 5 would be surreal for me, and likely many others. I know each of them had their own solo careers post-90s Sailor Moon. That'd be interesting to hear about too. That's what I got right now. MAPS, please work your magic!
  21. The term "weeaboo"

    Okay so I hope I'm not opening up a can of worms here, but I'm curious to know what you guys think of the term 'weeaboo'. I personally despise it, as it's a stereotype used WAAAAAAAAAAY too often, and usually used in a negative way, should there be any other way it's intended. I feel it's derogatory and inconsiderate and any other adjective can go here. I know this is a bad comparison but to me calling someone a weeaboo or weeb is like calling an African American the "N" word. At least that's how it feels for me. I'm not black at all, but I still find it unfair how they're treated when the N word is used against them. This post is not meant to attract trolls etc.. I simply want to have a discussion. If it gets out of hand I'll close/delete the thread without warning (if I can even do that). Anyway, thoughts?
  22. Eir Aoi Concert

    No probs.
  23. Eir Aoi Concert

    Glen, I just pinged some ACen staff on FaceBook... They should hopefully respond here soon.
  24. Guy in search of Room

    Markus13, I just PM'd you.
  25. Guy in search of Room

    I might have space for ya.