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  1. Keeping your dyed hair color for longer!

    Nothing to see here...
  2. Hey all! Since we're all nerds/otaku etc, does anyone wanna meet up and hang out somewhere in the con-center or one of the hotels? We could play Cards Against Humanity or something if we have free time between any panels or events... It doesn't have to be formally planned, but it'd be fun to hang out with people that've been going to this con for ages like me, and fun for newbies alike. What y'all think? Sorry if this isn't where this kind thread should go... I couldn't find any other more appropriate forum.
  3. ACen 2020

    I'd guess around the same time of year? Historically ACen has been in either mid-late April or mid-late May...
  4. Oh wow... yeah a LOT has changed more than I realized... Back in 2012 when I started attending panel rooms were mostly in the Hyatt, and the dealer's room/AA were split in that same room pretty much half half. Now the DR and AA have separate rooms it seems... Anyone here feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Hey all! ACen is slowly encroaching upon us, and many of us are putting aside money for our hotel stays... Also many of us I'm sure might forget that not only does your hotel of choice charge you for your 3+ night stay but also each night includes an incidental insurance charge as well. That's typically $50/night booked. A user who shall remain nameless from the Otakon forums was surprised and frustrated that he couldn't check in (without the help of his dad who loaned him some money) because he didn't have upwards of $150 required at check in, of which is the $50 a night I mentioned a moment ago. Don't put yourself in his situation. Always save / request from your roommates a little bit more to cover this fee that many hotels charge. Also to note, this charge is TEMPORARY given your room isn't trashed beyond simple methods of room cleaning, and will be reversed and refunded within reasonable time after you check out. That'll vary from hotel to hotel, but the $150-200 or so extra charged to your credit/debit card will be temporary. So, I intend this thread to serve as a reminder for everyone to have you / your group budget an additional $150-200 or so for the incidentals, even if the booking site you're using doesn't mention it, even though they should, but if you're an experienced con-goer/hotel booker you should expect/remember and budget for it.... Thanks for reading, Shiggitay
  6. Hey all! Is anyone here planning or planning to plan a Vocaloid Cosplay event for ACen 2019? I cosplay two different versions of Hatsune Miku (genderbent to/in different degrees) and I think it'd be fun to hang out with everyone else from the same fandom.
  7. Curious about ACen's Masquerade

    Hey all! I'm a very experienced con-goer, and at each con I go to I try and attend its masquerade... I've been going to ACen since 2012, and not once have I attended its masquerade. How does it compare to others cons' masquerades? I really wanna try and attend this year, and I'm looking forward to it.
  8. If you like meeting people that share the same interests with you (comics/manga, anime, video games, cosplay etc) then a convention like Anime Central is the place to be! I've been going since 2012 and I don't see myself stopping to attend for as long as I can see in the near future. If you're in the Chicago area or if you don't mind traveling (like I do from Boston, MA area) then I'd say give it a shot!
  9. Aresef, are you following me? Ahahaha And yeah ACen has been growing like crazy since you last attended... I started going in 2012, and in my eye starting in 2014 when the actual con center started being used for panels and whatnot it started to feel like a real con like Anime Boston and Otakon. If you're planning on coming in 2019 I think you should. I've been going from 2012 to now nonstop and sure I had my down/off years, but I always found things to keep me going. 2018's Video Gaming Hall for example was freakin' ENORMOUS! It used the room that I'm sure you remember being unused at the top of the escalators coming up from where the main part of the con center is to where you'd make that left to go on the skybridge towards all the hotels... hard to explain.... but yeah a lot has changed, and I'm super excited to attend again this year.
  10. Convention Packing List

    I know the girl in that video! She's Dejavudea and she's an awesome individual! XD Great video find!
  11. Hey all! Out of all the cons I attend a year ACen is the only one I've not seen a Vocaloid gathering at. With the news of the cosplay gatherings staff head being reassigned, I'd be willing to help, or start an official or unofficial Vocaloid [photoshoot] gathering for next year's ACen in 2018. Who's game? Who wants to see this happen? I totally do, and it'd be a shame if it didn't, because I saw quite a few Vocaloids walking around. My friends surprised me and showed up as Family Mart Miku and Luka, and I was my genderbent Senbonzakura Miku as I was last year. Anyway, let's use this thread as a way to gauge interest in this and make it a reality!
  12. ACen 2017 Is Over...

    Hey all! ACen is now officially over as of last night ofc, and I know we're all sad, but I thought I'd share my first ever ACen vlog-style video, with some con footage and some travel footage! Enjoy!
  13. Countdown Until ACen's Old Enough to Drink!

    Ahahahaha I knew a post like this either here or on the FaceBook group would surface eventually....
  14. Sad Note...

    I think I remember him. My dad had pneumonia a few time in his life I believe, but I'm glad he's strong and he's still with us today! R.I.P.