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  1. Japanese Band: Kalafina

    Ok thank you. I sent an e-mail to Registration and I'll check it out again on the site tomorrow I must have missed it earlier today.
  2. Japanese Band: Kalafina

    I'm wondering if there is any handicapped seating for the event? The person I'm going with can't climb stairs.
  3. which series have you re-watched the most?

    My most re-watched would have to be both FMAs, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, all of Ghost in the shell.
  4. Nobuo Uematsu

    Yes please!
  5. Roadshow Requests 2013

    Be nice to see you guys here in madison for Geek.kon.
  6. 5.26.12

    Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins are being add to the Toonami block May 26th. Adult Swim Schedule Here is the full Article from ANN Toonami schedule
  7. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    Here are my pics not to many mostly just from the Masquerade. Feel free to tag your self.
  8. Recent Anime Purchases

    I just got Gurren Lagann on dvd and Spice and Wolf Season 1 on Blu-ray.
  9. Who here is not from Illinois?

    I'm from Madison, Wi ^^
  10. Japanese Composer: Masashi Hamauzu

    Hall of the gods is one of my fav zones because of it's music.
  11. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v2

    Think I might pop in and try meeting some people. Might my first ACen a little less lonely.
  12. Mass Effect 3 Ending. (spoliers)

    I thought all the Mass Effect 3 endings were a real let down. The story was leading to something big but in the end it just fizzled out.
  13. I Fight Dragons

    I just saw them at Geek.Kon today they were great. I'd love to see them again.
  14. Would Nolan North be asking too much?

    Nolan North does the voice for Madara Uchiha in Naruto: Shippuden or that's what the wiki says anyways.
  15. Acen 2012

    I'd love to see ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D. I've been addicted to their new song from Ao no Exorcist.