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    josh can heal
  1. Shokugeki No Souma 2016

    I plan on going as Isami Aldini! Would love to work closely with a Takumi! If you're interested, toss me a msg on twitter (@gnomedic)! :D I'd like to do the white and orange chef uniforms.
  2. Pokemon

    Heya folks! Hope to see everyone there! This year I'll be cosplaying as Tierno from X/Y, so hopefully there are more trainers out there too! :D
  3. Sports Anime Crossover 2015

    That would be loads of fun! I'm looking to do Komusubi from Eyeshield 21. Would love to be part of a big sports gathering!
  4. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Hi folks! I was wondering if anyone knew where professional photographers from ACen photoshoots upload their pictures at? We had one there and I should've asked for that information but wasn't thinking at the time ><
  5. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Anyone have any pics of Log Horizon characters? The Serara was absolutely adorable!
  6. Log Horizon?

    Can't wait! Be safe getting there, everyone! Tomorrow our big adventure starts! :D
  7. Log Horizon?

    Still a good group! I wonder if we'll find more. Desperately trying to get the rest of this done. It's been a total uphill struggle. D:
  8. Log Horizon?

    I'd be game! I've got an Akatsuki with me too. Just let us know time/date/place! :D
  9. Plastic Coating EVA Foam

    Thanks for all of the great tips, folks! I've been struggling to get a finish that I like so far, or, one that works. The armor is so light that it won't sit right if I don't weigh it down. I've been trying the fiberglass resin (with cloth), and even tried plastidip, but it looks like my problem right now is the base sealer. I've been having a hard time finding gesso products that aren't in those itty bitty bottles which aren't cost-effective, but modge podge has been doing the trick. PVA Wall primer, which is what I had handy, definitely did not seal the foam well, so, just a heads up to anyone else that might be looking at this. Tokoz' method is what I'm about to try, so, here goes nothing! :D
  10. Log Horizon?

    Yeaup! 3PM Saturday @ Tower Overhang! Looking forward to the meeting!
  11. Besides using PVA as a base coat on EVA closed-cell foam (camping foam mat), I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or opinions about coating their foam armor with any of the following: Epsilon Plastidip Polyurethane Epoxy I think I'm going to try out the Polyurethane, since plastidip doesn't seem like it would help increase the rigidity of the armor piece. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I've looked at a few online tutorials, but figured it'd be worth taking the time to listen to what other crafters have to say.
  12. Log Horizon?

    Sounds good, as long as I wasn't crazy blind and totally missing something obvious. :D
  13. Log Horizon?

    There's a gathering on the 17th? I hadn't heard about that. Do you have a link?
  14. Log Horizon?

    That's awesome! We definitely should try and meet up with the Shiroe! ^^
  15. Log Horizon?

    Shiroe! :D That's so awesome! I'd love to meet up at any point during the con. I won't be getting there until Friday morning. Feel free to add me on facebook if you've got it (facebook.com/gnomedic) or we can exchange cell numbers to figure a good time to meet. ^^ So excited to hear I won't be the only Log Horizon character.