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  1. Sword Art Online

    Looks good :D
  2. Finding a Wig!

    ive found that it's often better to find a hue that goes with your natural skintone, or whatever shade your makeup is. while to some a perfect match is what it's all about, i prefer to try to make myself look better portraying the character. =)
  3. Sword Art Online

    Both of your cosplays look great!! It's really awwesome that there will be I still have to make a few alterations on mine, but i do have a few snaps of it as well as a wig/makeup test. I'm also working on a sword (sorry no pics). I'm not sure how that'll turn out and I may end up scrapping it and trying something new... lol...
  4. Sword Art Online

    I'm really excited to see everyone's cosplays 😊
  5. Tumblr Users

    heres mine!
  6. Gaia online

    Gaia..... So many hours once spent there. So much money once spent.... Hahaha. I used to love just hanging out in the cinema lobbies and chatting with people.
  7. Reintroduction!

    Hello :)
  8. Greetings from someone who likes to create

    Very cool! Welcome to ACen!
  9. The World Seed: Everything Sword Art Online! (2015)

    Looking forward to this XD
  10. Avatar: TLA/Legend of Korra

    While I won't be cosplaying from either series, I would LOVE to attend a shoot and snap some pics :)
  11. Sword Art Online

    Hi!! I'll be cosplaying Sao Asuna. I don't have a picture yet, but maybe I can get a hair and make up picture up soon :) I also would love to offer free photo shoots to the Sao cosplayers out there. I'm working on my portrait photography and would love it anyone would be interested :) (my work can be found Here)
  12. Photographers

    Photographer Name: Sunflower Dreams Photography Website: http://jaimiedrummond.wix.com/photography Gear: Nikon d3200 Work Example: https://www.facebook.com/Sunflowerdreamsphotography http://jaimiedrummond.wix.com/photography#!cosplay/caw0 I am willing to book half hour shoots for those who are interested.
  13. Do you make your cosplay or buy it?

    I used to make my own, but getting busy with school, work, and grown up bills, I have ended up buying a few. I take no shame in it. It's still something to be proud of. Only in the instance where you buy it, you're wearing it for the person who did make it.
  14. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt!

    Every year I want to try this, but I always forget once I get there. Maybe this'll bevthe year!!!
  15. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    Due to budget restraints and a busy schedule this past year, I'll only be cosplaying asuna from sword art online. Though maybe if I can revive my lacus wig from beyond the grave, I might add that. I've kinda come to terms with the fact I'll be having a lazy year lol. Gotta have one every now and again, right? Lol................,