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  1. Jack Frost Staff?

    So, I'm a noob with props. If that isn't hard enough, for the ACen prop rules, my Jack Frost staff has to somehow break into two parts to be shorter than me. Since I am terrible with props, does anyone have any ideas on how to make Jack's staff an appropriate height compared to mine, maybe methods and supplies to use, and where the best place for it to break apart would be? I've asked other Jack cosplayers, but none of their cons seem to have this rule! Please help!
  2. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Hey guys, kinda abandoned the forums and not for good reasons. XD While I haven't lost much weight (one pound in a semester) I have been told I look skinnier. It's just, not where I want it to be. The hips, thighs and upper arms are the spots I want gone so badly, but because of reasons I still can't get to a gym, and I have literally NO ROOM ANYWHERE to exercise. It makes me feel so bad~
  3. "Fem" Cosplay

    I'm -trying- a female jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. The one thing I'm worried about the most is the makeup and the staff. So much~
  4. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Still working on those legs. Especially the thighs. Ugh. Hoping marching band can change that. And maybe going back to the gym will help. (It's gotten too hard to go lately).
  5. Nintendo 2013

    I've also trying to talk my friend into gooing as Viridi from Kid Icarus : Uprising. She'd be perfect!
  6. Making Pit's sandals?

    Pit has some very snazzy sandals he wears. But how to make them is another thing. They seem to have fur or fluff of some sort on the inside, and have the height of boots. He also has a crazy detailed design of them. Sp, should I start with sandals and work my way up? Or maybe tear apart a pair of winter boots? I'm lost! Here's a few pictures for reference.
  7. Eric Vale

    I'd enjoy seeing Eric Vale. He also voices America and Canada from Hetalia, Yuki in Fruits Basket, and Loke in Fairy Tail! ^^
  8. Veronica Taylor

    Yes! Yes! Yes! She was a huge part of my childhood voicing Ash!
  9. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    It was 110 degrees in Joliet. Ugh. Not a good day to have a party outside in a park.
  10. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you demand the Triforce of Power from that red-headed kid in your grade.
  11. Nintendo 2013

    Prince Zelda and female Link does sound cool! I've never even heard of that idea before! ^^ I'll be going to ACen 2013 as Pit from SSBB or Kid Icarus : Uprising.
  12. Facebook!

    There's an ACen group I didn't know about? *joins group*
  13. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm playing Kid Icarus : Uprising. I have never been in more love with a game...
  14. The Word Game!

  15. Favorite Anime Couple?

    I love them as well! I'm a bigger fan of them more than Soul and Maka. Both of the pairings are nice, but I like how completely opposite Black Star and Tsubaki are, yet they have such a strong relationship. Maka and Soul tend to get on each others' nerves a lot, but they have a lot of sweet scenes together.