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  1. Digimon 2014

    I am never using face paint for Garurumon again, that stuff was a very nice lady to get off. Pretty happy with the pictures though. Can I put some of them up on my tumblr, would you be opposed to that?
  2. Space in a room and have a spare room

    My boyfriend and I are about as dumb as the common walnut, would you happen to have space for two people in this? We totally dropped the ball on rooming at con this year and kinda just realized we were going.
  3. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Figure I might as well actually post this here too, just in case, since Tumblr's coming up pretty empty. I was mostly Stuttgart Loki all weekend (sans the scarf because I forgot mine like an idiot), but I was also: -The End of Time Master at Friday's Doctor Who shoot -Death at Saturday's Supernatural shoot -Isa at the Kingdom Hearts shoot Any pictures would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  4. Leaving from the Detroit area

    The GPS that we use has an "avoid tolls" option. So that helps.
  5. Leaving from the Detroit area

    So my boyfriend and I are looking to drive out to ACen, and we are fairly certain that we will have two other people in the car. However, we were hoping to rent a van or something so we could take more people, as well as have a bit more room for luggage. Is anyone in the area having a hard time finding a ride to the convention? There will be a charge, because it would be crazy to do this for free. If we can get a car that's efficient enough, gas won't be too bad, but that's hard to calculate without knowing how many people will be going and whatnot. Like I said, hopefully we can rent a van, and there are some rental companies in the area that are a bit cheaper to deal with. My boyfriend's also 25, so we can actually rent a vehicle. If you are interested, either reply here (which I don't check as often as I should), or send me an IM. AIM: cordenChain Yahoo!: blackbanditjaiyu