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  1. ACen TTG 2015

    I will have demo/games running throughout the weekend. Games I'll likely have at any given time: Castles of Mad King Ludwig Flash Point: Fire Rescue Mice and Mystics Coup (with Reformation) The Resistance (and/or Avalon) Twilight Struggle Euphoria Viticulture (probably just the base game) Love Letter (Tempest edition) For a (mostly) complete list of games I have (if you have any specific requests), see my BGG profile.
  2. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    I'll be there with bells on (literally! [actually, not literally])
  3. Werewolf friends

    I was the one from Florida. More werewolf this year? Or maybe try the Resistance?
  4. Ingress CrossFaction Meetup?

    We have a pretty large group of green 8s that will be there. Right now, it looks like 6 of us. Two more won't be attending, though. Not all of us are active, but the ones that are active are all L8. I donno what kind of event you'd wanna do, but we'll likely be short on gear after the Madison event. I'm definitely down, though.
  5. The sith giving out cookiees on saturday

    The Empire =/= Sith The Empire > Sith Note: You should include a poll option for Diabetes.
  6. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    I saw you. My buddy took a picture while you were under the stairs on the international level of the Hyatt. Someone posted somewhere on the forums about the violinist (he's been playing since he was 3, if I remember the post), but I know I saw at least one person recording a video of him. I would totally love to see it, too.
  7. Suggestions for ACen 2013

    I also think that the 30 minute rule should be done away with. It rewards those who break the rules and punishes those who abide by it. I have been to one panel in the past three years that I've wanted to be in, and I only made it because I was conveniently idling near where a line would form in the event that people broke the 30 minute rule (they did...about 2 hours before the panel began). The 30 minute rule needs to be revoked or amended. I can offer amendments upon request. I think a lot of the enforcement needs to be done by attendees, though. People think they can get away with things because "everyone else is." If I had a nickel for every time someone's reply to an IRT member was "...but I just saw that group doing it!" People are mouthy to IRT because it's an authority that they don't respect because they don't have to see them for the rest of the year (or think that IRT members won't remember them). Give IRT members a camera and have them take pictures of people to put on a wall of shame. That'd get their attention pretty quick.
  8. 2012 Attendance Guess

    Whoa! Douchebags are people, too....
  9. Bristol Renaissance Faire

    Tickets are good for any day that the faire is open, not any specific day. A lot of people are unaware of the Bristol Wiki. It's not completely up-to-date, but it's getting there. Feel free to update as appropriate.
  10. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    If anyone thinks Anime Central (or any anime convention) should be solely anime, they have a good lesson to learn in the way conventions work. As a general rule, any convention's general theme will make up about 50% of the actual content, 25% very similar/related content (manga and Japanese culture, in this case), 25% other geek content (board gaming, sci-fi, fantasy). Dragon*Con, Gen Con, Geek Kon, Daisho, ComicCon, GateCon... Conventions of all size roughly follow this demographic (if you don't believe me, check the programming guides for any of the previously listed conventions). The larger the con gets, the rougher the demographic gets mostly to introduce new interests. If you want to separate out the things that you don't enjoy because you don't attend them or support them, good for you. You're probably the kind of person who would then complain that everything you like is at the same time. So let's nitpick. What would be cut? Death Note Mafia? It's anime themed, but mafia/werewolf is a game that isn't really anime. Soap Bubble? I really have no idea why this is even here, I'll admit, and it probably is the biggest headache/cause for concern. Definitely shouldn't have trumped the Masquerade. Lolita? Not anime Manga? Not anime (sorry, you can't pick and choose--that makes you whiny). Tabletops? Gone. Video Games? Gone. Most of the artists? Gone. Learning to play Go? Gone. Bristol Booth? Gone. Comic Panels, artists, Steve Horton? Gone. Many of the vendors? Not all gone, but severely limited on what they can sell. But a lot of them gone, yes. Boffer (if there is still one)? Gone. Go through the panel programming this year. If it's about anime (whether you like the anime or not), highlight it. Otherwise, black it out. You'll find a good portion still about anime (more than any other geek subculture). But haters gonna hate, regardless of what happens.
  11. Puzzle Quest

    So my group decided to try the puzzle quest on Saturday. We found 10 of the 15 puzzles. All the ones we found were in the Hyatt. We also found a page taped to a panel board with a single word on it (I won't post the word) that also had the Puzzle Quest logo at the top. We searched all areas indicated on the various maps (posted maps, app maps, programming booklet maps), but couldn't find any outside the Hyatt. I'm wondering: 1) Did anyone find all 15? 2) Did anyone solve all 15? 3) If 'no' to either 1 or 2, is the contest still open? 4) If 'yes' to number 3, would anyone be willing to PM-collaborate? I noticed that the boards were gone Sunday morning (early in the morning). It seemed like a lot of people didn't even know about the contest. It wasn't advertised on G+ (I don't know about facebook). It was only on the blog, as far as I can tell.
  12. The Ghost Coalition

    I was purple shirt. If you're a part of the Coalition, PM me.
  13. 2012 Con Compliment Thread

    IRT is typically a thankless job. You guys are awesome and for every person who complains about IRT, there are 2000 other ACen goers who aren't complaining (silently thanking you). I thank you on behalf of all of them.
  14. Suggestions for ACen 2013

    I'm not going to post any gripes because you guys rock. Anyone who complains about the little things has never tried to plan anything as large as a wedding--I can't even imagine an event this large. So huge props to IRT and Staffers and Admin. There's a lot you can't foresee and the level-headed quick-thinking decisions are appreciated (even though most people don't know about them). I will make a suggestion about lines. I don't have issues with the lines as everything seems logical enough, but a lot of people complain without making any actual suggestions. Good or bad, I want to throw this out there: Line cords similar to the ones used in the registration lines...just not metal. Or maybe metal. I guess I can't actually attach items to a post, but the idea should be pretty easy to follow. Set the cord up against the wall until 30 minutes before the panel starts. At the 30 minute mark, move it away from the wall and let people line up. Leave gaps in the cord for any random hotel hallways or whatever. Place signs at intervals on the cord that says what room they lead to (so you don't have to switch them for every panel). Special needs/VIP can line up outside the corded area next to the wall on the other side of the door. I drew up a pretty sweet diagram in MS Paint, but can't attach it. =/ Maybe I'll host and link later.
  15. Fire-Alarm Justice

    I absolutely agree with this, and I don't even go to the Masquerade. I didn't know anything about the cancellation/fire drill, but it absolutely sickens me that somebody would pull an alarm or press an extinguisher or whatever they did. There was something thrown from a balcony in the Hyatt that broke a glass dome (I think staff announced the damages to be about $10k...I can't remember).