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  1. WWE Cosplay Day 4!

    Hello! I am just logging in to request that I hold my 4th annual WWE Cosplay photoshoot gathering again! This year's theme is "Stable Wars!" If you are a WWE (or pro wrestling fan in general), come grab a few friends or even just come as a member of one of your favorite wrestling stables be it the nWo, The Four Horsemen, The Shield, D-Generation X, The Bullet Club, etc.! Don't want to do a stable? No problem! The theme is encouraged but any pro wrestler is welcomed! To ACen Staff in charge of the gatherings, can I please have a spot on the program for 1:00 PM Sunday? It seems to be a popular day and time for cosplayers as it seems most WWE fans also cosplay other fandoms at ACen and it's enough time for everyone to pack up and check out from their hotels. Thank you as always!
  2. I'm salary, working right now but off tomorrow and Friday. Working part time job on Saturday and off on Sunday. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. WWE Cosplay Day 3

    Hey Everyone! STVO here, looking to start plans for the third WWE Cosplay Day! The first two years have been a blast and we even had former WWE Diva/TNA Knockout Lisa Marie Varon with us. Just like the WWE itself, anything can happen! My current plans are for it to be on Sunday (Im going to look for the sign up sheet but if someone can post a link Id appreciate it) but I will schedule it for 1 or maybe 2 PM that way people can check out on time and not have to rush. Sunday is a perfect day as I think many of us cosplay from other series and those tend to take priority on other days, WWE is a little more simple and there's many options. This year Im going as Hulk Hogan for WWE Cosplay Day. Who will you be?
  4. Where do I put my John Hancock???
  5. Nintendo 2014

    I took a few photos from this. Was a cool photoshoot. They're on my FB page I'll get a link soon (sorry on phone at moment)
  6. Hello Everyone, A few people I'm looking for, if you know them, you can have them contact me on here or you can relay them my Facebook page (I use that much more than this and will probably ask on the ACen groups on FB as well): 1. The Ed, Edd, n Eddy Group. There were five of them and they were our upstairs neighbors on Thursday. We were shouting TV show commercial jingles like "Call J.G. Wentworth!" out the window and screaming other wacky things (this was around 7-8 PM mind you.) They seemed like a cool group of people, but unfortunately due to me moving to another group of friends' room due to prior obligations on Friday/Saturday and my friends taking a free room at the hotel Hyatt offered (which they and I regretted) we were only bottom/top roomies for Thursday. Would be down for catching up. 2. Three girls cosplayed as Space Channel 5 characters. One was Space Michael, one was Purge, and the other was Ulala. I met Space Michael and Purge together during the day (I was dressed as the Ultimate Warrior and I took a photo of Purge and Michael, got a photo together later with Michael, and then later at night got one with an Ulala.) I think it's awesome the three of you enjoy the Space Channel 5 characters. I'd like to cosplay as Jaguar one day. :) 3. This one is the most obscure. I believe her name was Jackie, she had a pretty cool necklace on (was silver and jingly), was wearing a Gir shirt from Invader Zim, and we talked about cosplay, bad video games, and panels we attended. I think she mistook me as a dude in the gaming room at 5 am on Friday (was being a dork and sleeping at that time unfortunately.) I was wearing a Wayne's World hat on the 10th floor elevator. She seemed cool and was hoping to chat more but it didn't happen. Anyway, if you think you may know any of these people and IF they may want to get back in contact with me, you can reply here or PM me and I can forward ways to contact. Thanks for any help.
  7. I shall do my best to make this one.
  8. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    Absolute blast I had but I understand that maybe a suite wasn't best for a public Meet n Greet. I would suggest either Kings or maybe Adobe Gilas. As I said on Facebook, in a perfect world, Shoeless Joe's be across the street. That was an amazing venue and I would love for it to return there but the distance is no fun and the turn outs wouldn't be as great unfortunately.
  9. Props to the Soap Bubble being 18+ at least around Midnight. I agree that it probably should be all the way through and then Hardcore Synergy can be the event that's all ages. I didn't feel bad if I wanted to dance with a girl this year. :D
  10. Crystal Ball 2014 complaints

    I would have gone if I had a date, but I didn't also I'll admit it, I'm not too wild of paying extra to do this event. I did it in 2012 and it wasn't terrible but it's nothing remarkable. I did hear 2013 was better, it's a shame it seems like most didn't care for this year. I personally like the idea of an ACen event with more popular dance music (I'm an 80s/90s guy) rather than rave music (I still attend Soap Bubble though.) But it's not something I'm desperate for. I understand those wanting a formal if it's advertised like one though.
  11. Is ACen no longer an anime convention?

    Oh man, another "This isn't an anime con" thread. Ugh.... The majority of panels are anime related, they only show anime stuff in the video rooms, the masquerade is anime cosplay only (last I checked the rules stated that characters must be of Japanese origin, unless that changed this year), and there's plenty of influence. We all like anime as much as the next thing, but sometimes cosplay outside of anime get more recognition. Also, maybe some of these people doing non-anime cosplay aren't as familiar with anime series. How about instead of complaining about lack of anime cosplay, offer a series that may be similar to one that someone is cosplaying. We all weren't anime fans when we were born no matter what you try to claim. It's either accept that non-anime cosplays are going to be at ACen or you can stop attending the cons. Good luck finding a con that's anime and nothing but anime. Comic cons don't exclusively have comic book characters. I've seen video game, cartoon, and even anime characters at them too.
  12. London Comic Con

    I wish I could. I've been to London once and it was a blast! Would love to go a convention out of country!
  13. C2E2 2014

    See you all Saturday! I'll be cosplaying as Ultimate Warrior! Say hi if you feel you may recognize me. LOL
  14. Tara Strong says No to ACen?

    You should see some of the panels at ACen this year. While the majority are Anime or Japanese video game centered, there's plenty that aren't as well. I honestly don't care if they do a few that dip outside the norm and I would more than welcome Tara Strong and any other popular voice actor or actress be it American Cartoons or anime. If we start seeing Lou Ferrigno and "Wrestling Superstar" Virgil signing autographs, then go ahead and complain. LOL
  15. Hey Everyone, It's been awhile since I've logged on here, I'm usually roaming both Facebook pages. Anyway, this is the third Mitsuwa gathering I've done before the big event and each time I've met new people and formed new friendships. Meet time at this moment is 12:00 on the Thursday prior. It's very simple, meet up in a big group, have some lunch with another, chat and get to know one another, load up on your groceries, load up on booze (only if you're 21+ though) of the Japanese persuasion, and talk events later for that day! :)/> RSVP at the Link here: https://m.facebook.com/events/716363991718172 A few things I have to say before you attend the meet-up: 1. The event is not officially sanctioned by Mitsuwa. There is no charge on my end to get in, but you and only you (or a friend who's willing to pay for you) are responsible for what you purchase with your money. 2. The event has no age restrictions but is geared towards 18+. If you are not 21 or older, you may not buy alcohol and I do not condone anyone of age buying alcohol for those not of age 21+. I am not a babysitter, act wisely and be responsible when attending. 3. Cosplay is highly NOT recommended. If you must, please keep it simple and not likely to cause damage to property (i.e. dress like L from Death Note, a Lolita dress, etc.) Wearing body paint, having large obnoxious props (wings, long tails), props that resmemble weapons (guns, bombs, swords, etc.), and other items as such should not be brought into the market in anyway and our gathering will not be responsible for you getting kicked out.