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  1. 2013 Gripes

    Two of my gripes that haven't been mentioned intertwine. 1.The staff printing out badges, especially for groups, need a way to see important information about preorders, group size, etc. It's not identification I'm worried about. What happened was a helpful staff member printing out my group's badges was not able to help me figure out how many people were in my group since I like to double check. A printing error occurred and I explained the badges I received on the spot got duplicated. I sorted out the duplicates and handed them the unfortunate extras. I felt bad for holding the two helpful staff up and he line. And to my misfortune- 2.The line to the general service at registration was too long and slow. The reason I was there was to return a duplicate badge I found in our lot. I asked different IRT if they could just dispose of it or find something to do with it but I was requested to go back to the same line. I made sure the badge was never used, myself. Booths being take down that early was because an onslaught of upcoming conventions a few days apart from one another, this year. With ACen being the 1st to visit, some vendors will have to visit Fanime/California (May 24-27) next and then A-Kon/Texas(May 31- June 2). Most of the vendors, like the one I helped, glady let customers browse while not prepacking the essentials.
  2. "Got Soap?" Contest Suggestions

    Inspiration from the IRT, Police, and the original S.T.A.R.S. from Resident Evil. S.anitation O.fficers A.Cen P.atrol "To cleanse and inspect" -back- ACen 2013 logo "Do not demean, keep the con clean." - SOAP FOR ACen "Keep it clean for twenty-thirteen!"
  3. Wish Corruption

    Granted, but once you are, you think of something else to do. I wish getting around was easier.
  4. Anime for teh n00bz!

    Dorkatlarge, Fujoshi Hetalia seems like an ok show to watch with or without all the fandom, although it doesn't appeal to me. But I feel like it is something to introduce once a person really develops an interest in anime. The show just seems like it catches too specific of an audience or being something different of an anime like Elfen Lied, something that must be weighed before being used as an introduction. On a side note, G Gundam was stereotypical but how can you represent a countries robot if it looks like a normal robot?
  5. The Super Share your Deviantart Page.

    Hmm, not sure if anyone would be into Photography, finished plamo models, and random art here and there. http://griffithazure.deviantart.com/
  6. Anime for teh n00bz!

    I agree with Kitsu-chan and Magishine and rwarsauce. A good lead into the more deeper animes should appeal to the interest of your friends. Anime movies with a deep plot like Kitsu mentioned can have your friends delve into the more serious anime sooner or later. Anime that reference to modern Japanese pop culture like SGT. Frog or especially Lucky Star are good. Romantic anime definitely attaches the audience to the story. I feel like those are good starting points to watch more anime, just try to see what kind of things your friends like watching and try to find something that would match that. And sorry if I kind of made a summurary or clashed ideas.
  7. Wish Corruption

    Granted, but upon arrival you are crushed by a DeLorean going 88 MPH. I wish I had endless amounts of free coffee coupons.
  8. Your feelings on "Slavery the Game

    I kind of laughed how the trailer had a torture weapon that was a bat with needles on it. I highly doubt that proper baseball bat was invented at that time. It really seems like a troll thing. I would be intrigued at how much a mature level the game has but I would still be disgusted at the concept.
  9. Its my birthday!

  10. Thanks so much for returning the camera I borrowed from my teacher. It would have been such an unfortunate thing to long something that I had borrowed. I feel a bit ashamed posting this up late though. Hope you see this, mysterious camera returner.
  11. You can clarify if the spider is indeed a Brown recluse if you kill one, leave the abdomen intact (or examine one) and look for a literal tiny violin on the front part of it. http://www.knowledgerush.com/wiki_image/9/99/Brown_recluse_spider,_Loxosceles_reclusa.jpg They are also called Violin spiders for that reason. And someone else is right, they are not native to the IL area.
  12. Strangest lost item you've found at a con?

    I remember losing a camera at the last ACen. Luckily it was returned :D Must have been karma from the full clip on fox tail me and a friend found in the basement. I remember me and a few others storming around, with the big BlueFin goods, looking for a staff member.
  13. The white costume would enhance your complexion and look well. If you are having troubles making yourself appear older, you should try various poses (doesn't have to be erotic XD) to portray a more adult like character. I also think if you try enough you'll do an excellent job of pulling it off. Go for it :P