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  1. 2012 Gripes thread

    Although I fear this may have already been mentioned, registration was a HUGE problem for my friend and I. We had arrived at the convention at 2:30, but ended up having to wait until 5:30 to get our badges and leave at 6:30 as the dealers hall was starting to close and we had already missed all the panels we wanted to go to. I love you dearly ACen, but 40 dollars is a lot of money for an hour in the dealers hall. I hope you find a solution next year, because I look forward to this con all year, and really don't want to have to find another.
  2. Kids badges help?

    My little sister is 10 years old and I am 14. I was just wondering if it is against convention policy for me to escort her around instead of a parent.
  3. Companion cube help?

    So, while making my companion cube cosplay, I realized it looked a little...so so. So I thought for awhile, and came up with an idea to put Rattmans drawings and babbling about the companion cube onto the dress.Not so it's cluttered, just enough to make it...pop. Then, being the codependent that I am, I decided to consult the internet before doing anything else. So, is this a good idea, or should I ditch it? I would really appreciate your feedback!
  4. Wish Corruption

    Granted. Now its large, but you have to share it with twenty people. I wish I had some pocky.
  5. Wish Corruption

    Granted, theyre size 27s. I wish I had a new shirt.
  6. Wish Corruption

    Granted, now your 60 feet tall. I wish unicorns were real.
  7. Wish Corruption

    granted, but now you can never stop running. I wish I had a pony.
  8. Wish Corruption

    Granted, now you love it so much that you hate being at home. I wish I had a kite.
  9. Wish Corruption

    Granted, but they all have to be given money daily or they disintegrate. I wish I had a bike.
  10. Wish Corruption

    Granted, but all the inhabitants have a craving for human flesh. I wish I had a new book.
  11. Wish Corruption

    Granted, but you can only speak it in a confusing accent that makes it impossible to understand you. I wish I had some chocolate.
  12. Sopio Cards

    Would anyone be interested in playing this year? I think it could be quite interesting.
  13. Gripes

    I had a wonderful time, except that I got terribly sick from hugging a man that smelled of pork products because people insisted I do it. Please people, no more free hugs.