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  1. ♥Panty and Stocking 1012♥

    Panty cosplayer here! I'll be in her angel form and i'm about 60-70% done with it. The accessories are killing me. But i'm excited about this cosplay, nonetheless. :)
  2. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    My random tumblr!!!
  3. well...this is depressing.
  4. Anyone Else Overspending On Cosplays?

    I'm spending a lot, but not overspending. I spen $320 on material for about 10 cosplays. I think that's good.
  5. Help! I've Been Caught In A Trap!

    Awesome! This looks like a lot of fun. Plus, i've always been sort of good at knowing who's a trap or not. Okay so really i'm just guessing most of the time, but still...
  6. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Raiding the fabric store today for cosplays! I'm fudging excited.
  7. Acen and finals!

    try to study before the con and as Jeff previously stated, have a quick review before finals. My finals aren't until may, but my ACT test is in April so i'll be preparing like crazy. I'm just praying that they don't take place on the friday of ACen. I don't want to miss any of the con.
  8. Wish Corruption

    Granted. You can literally cook a basic white, porcelain plate. That's it. I wish the government wasn't stupid.
  9. I'm cosplaying as characters that have warm enough clothing, with the exception of Panty, so i should be fine. Plus i've always been more tolerant of chilly weather as opposed to really warm weather.
  10. Wish Corruption

    granted I wish my vocaloid would arrive faster.
  11. The World God only Knows 2012

    possible keima cosplayer right here
  12. Questions Only

    does everything really need a purpose?
  13. So what are you wearing?

    i'll be going either as ciel, outfit not decided, or victorique in her black dress.