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  1. Bleach

    ^_^ awesome! I'm hoping my costume pieces come in time. had an issue with chinese shipping about a month ago...it was suppose to be resent with expedited shipping but i haven't heard any updates. i have a back up plan but i don't want to implement it too soon :unsure:
  2. DC Comics 2016

    I may be doing my own take on batgirl. Depending on whether I get off in time for work to make it to the shoot. :( hopefully I can at least catch everyone before the shoot ends
  3. Fairy Tail

    I will be there too! I have bleach at 12pm. So I'll be switching costumes on the fly. Fortunately...my costumes for both don't require much...coverage... :blush:
  4. Bleach

    Saturday 12pm - 1pm Loading Docks A3 of the DESCC (convention center side facing Hyatt) Concenter Lobby (not near registration) :D how are your costumes coming along? There are plenty of new styles the characters are sporting and plenty of new characters as well. I hope to see all kinds of fans :)!
  5. I'm just going to place this here

    and if you want your art sold at the event, you can apply here Artist Application
  6. I'm just going to place this here

    Kickstarter - Artsy Maid Cafe I am not an official member of the group. Just a supporter seeking other fans to support. Please visit their page if you are an artist, maid/butler, or an interested customer. And if you'd like to donate to support their fundraiser, well I'm sure they'll like that too.
  7. HOME MADE Kazoku for 2015!

    :D the moment i saw this i had Shounen Heart in my head. I think I have all their anime opening and ending songs...Hmm...if not i will rectify it.
  8. Yoshitaka Amano

    :wub: so many people approve as well? it makes me happy feels ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEAASE? I promise not to drool on him if you bring him in!
  9. Final count for ACen 2014?

    If the numbers have stagnated for ACen growth, a thought which staggers me, I would project that it has little to do with the con itself and much more to do with the overall financial status of most con goers. Student loans, car payments, cost of living, a bad previous financial year...when one factors the cost of ACen badge + hotel + cosplay (b/c what's a con without cosplaying?!) then your average young adult (whom I believe are the majority of ACen's attendees) usually has to make several sacrifices to afford to even go to ACen (or any fun event.) So yes, there are plenty of new attendees (yay! keepin' it fresh). But I think a lot of veterans (I'm a 10 year one) figure, I can do it next year or decide to check out the smaller less expensive ones later in the year. Again, not a factor directly caused by ACen. I had a friend who had to work. Another couldn't get into town b/c he lost his car last year. Another who had a prior engagement. It all just sums up to life comes at you unexpectedly. Only the most avid con-goers, the newly bred con-goers, or the very fortunate can take the time and afford the expense to spend 3 days in heavenly bliss. Were it not for some good tax returns, two bonuses, and 3 pay checks this year (plus a big old "poo poo" to paying off one of my student loans early) I would have had to put ACen on the back burner in favor of my vegas trip in two weeks. Also, my friend who buses in from Flint would have choked me in my sleep and my friends who flew in from Nebraska would have mocked me (since I live 35-40 minutes away from Rosemont...)
  10. 2014 Praises

    I did not get a chance at the bubble tea. i actually forgot :(/>. i had an icecream smoothie from the place next to the burger place. mMMmm mango. it was soo crowded sunday some of the stores had to stop taking orders to catch up. :D/> post-ACen crowding affects all the way up to arlington heights. i will be back though. for that crab burger and the bubble tea smoothie! and more melon-pan.... i did notice that it wasn't IRT at panel entrances. I kept staring at the people like "who are you?". but it was definitely a good idea and one i hope repeats itself in acens to come. I also noticed AA was harder to get through. by that i meant very crowded. but it's a given when people are stopping to view the pictures thoroughly. i'm guilty of blocking aisles and gawking u_u...i hope they keep the same layout but get the aisles wider. don't want to discourage the passerbys ^^. rotfl about Perks coupons! I was a cleaning Levi in the AoT shoot and i do agree that it was a too crowded for the area. but it seams we actually had two loading dock spaces to use. for some reason, the one running it didn't use both spaces or didn't know. that extra space would have really helped the photographers. i was stuck getting only one angle (the side no one was facing) for most of the photos :(/>. ah well, like you said, not a problem from the ACen staff. besides, who knew there would be THAT many AoT cosplayers :)/> it's one of the things that made me VERY happy. normally i don't like seeing too much of one show/manga but something like AoT makes it feel like an army is invading ^^. i even got randomly saluted while chilling with a friend. I forgot to mention how much I loved the closing ceremonies. i'd never been to them before, but will certainly be there for acens to come. i wanted to make opening, but was up until 3am the night before finishing a costume. then i had to stop at menards to buy an inflatable mattress since Embassy doesn't have cots. "fire hazard". but blocking two exits isn't? >_> again i will be making an official complaint to embassy. if you want to make a complaint about hotel service, it is best to do it asap (can't do it there anymore) but can still call the 800 number and say which location you have a complaint about. in the end, it may depend on what you're complaining about. if it's guests doing something they shouldn't be doing, you should call security then and there. not much they can do about it now unless you have names and stuff. even then, the best they could probably do is put the person on notice/issue a warning. they may keep an eye out on them during their next check in if it's something REALLLY bad. So many KUDOS to the ACen staff for keeping thousands of unruly fans in order ^^. there will always be sirens and foolishness, but most instances were so isolated, I won't even know about them until after the convention. Keep up the good work. A large part of your success is that you learn from each convention and improve upon it <3
  11. 2014 Praises

    Been going to ACen for 10 years. It always has it's ups and downs, unavoidable due to the sheer number of people that attend and the high number of traffic going through. So, until I rule the world and have power to control the populace's every thought and action, I always come to ACen prepared for any eventuality. Be it a deck of cards for a long line wait. A jacket for cold weather. Umbrella for rain. Or a spray bottle for an over-eager con-goer. That said, this convention turned out to be one of the best for me. The first will always go down in history as the best b/c of the newness of the experience. But this one is certainly second. I looked back over this past weekend as to what made this con so fantastic for me. But before I go into those, I want to say thank you to all who worked the con. Your efforts are never in vain and i'm sure the thousands of attendees appreciate you. Your work affects not just us con-goers, but the employees in the Rosemont area and even the surrounding towns that must cater to thousands of hungry and excited guests. So again, THANK YOU! You are one of the many reasons I'm hesitant to move out of the Chicagoland area. What were the down sides? Roomed in the Embassy. - hotel closest to convention center and the rooms were nice, possibly the best any hotel has to offer but that was all... -for nearly $200/night plus parking and paid for wifi, you'd think you'd not be treated like a child -construction indoors -second floor blocked off so everyone had to rely on 3 elevators to get out. check out was a nightmare. -rude staff Crossing at night --i chose to only cross where there were crossing guards after the following incident -while trying to cross at river road and brwyn mar to hyatt after sunset...the crossing light stopped working, or delayed. a group of people including myself and some friends sat through 2 red lights until we realized that the crossing light wasn't working. so, when traffic stopped moving, we started to cross. people making a left hand turn at the light (off brwyn and onto river) decided to ignore the 20+ people crossing and stranded us in the middle of traffic. By then, our crossing light started to do the countdown for the time we had to cross. :( it was dangerous and a little scary. I wish there were crossing guards even at the lights. Traffic is going to be crazy at all hours of the day when it's that many people and rude drivers don't really care about con goers. Dealers room closing at 6-6:30...:( -sad times. mainly b/c i just love being there and watching people. But I do know that's not really up to ACen and there are plenty of other spots to people watch. It's just that there's so much ACen offers, if you try to do it all, you may not get to burn all the cash you saved (which...could actually be a good thing ;) ) As you can see, not many downsides for me this year. And what is there is not even something ACen can really manage. So what made ACen great? Mind you, I don't really do panels. I go to ACen for the community and the random encounters. So all guests can pat themselves on the back for also adding to this ACen's success :) -Hyatt elevators. IRT you are amazing!!! I remember the first ACen when people kind of dissed IRT and disrespected them. If anyone tries to talk bad about you guys now, i'm shoving a corn husk up their bunghole. It will be awkward for everyone. And it's not just the elevator control you guys do for us...as you will see below. -line for tickets to Final Fantasy concert. I got in line around 6am. We definitely got a ticket, but IRT still was going up and down reassuring us that we're in the right spot and will get our tickets. It was about a 2 hour wait for the center to open and a bit chilly (it helped that i was in my warmest costume), but IRT went down the line singing random songs to keep our spirits up. I'd have joined in their dance of "Do the Time Warp" if my attack on titan straps weren't slipping. -Musical guests: though I only saw the final fantasy concert because i didn't know any of the others, after seeing them in the closing ceremonies i really want to know more about the guests ACen had this year. I can tell they were the cream of the crop :). -Dealers Room: i rarely buy something outside of artist ally because I feel a deluge of dealers selling the same stuff. this year, the dealers room was a lot smaller, BUT with better quality items (several unique shops and many diverse picks). I could browse the entire place twice, consider my options, and then make guilt free choices :). I think I spent more money this ACen than any of my past 9 combined. >_> not sure if that's something to be proud of though...haha! Sorry I didn't buy anything from artist ally this time *gomenosai*. i will make it up to you artists next year! -photoshoots. I see there was some confusion, but that was largely due to friday's weather i feel...For the ones I attended, than ran smoothly and on time. Everyone was having a lot of fun. I'm sure more people wanted to attend but either got lost, forgot, or was distracted. ACen does tend to make those things happen :) -the feels. Yes the feels. So much comraderie among the fanbase. I love you all, even if you're screams of excitement wake me up in the middle of my sleep. I'd be out there with you at 4am if i wasn't getting so old. -the old school cosplayers. finally homestuck and adventure time got ousted. Sure there were a lot of mainstream costumes, but i saw a lot of throwbacks as well. oh the fond memories. I took more pictures this year then the past 3 conventions combined! -Mitsuwa. ok this last one was my own doing. this was the first ACen i was able to drive to so i had a car and could get around. went to mitsuwa on friday and sunday. i spent more money there than at ACen...all on junk food. ahhh so satisfying. now to save up for next year!
  12. Yoshitaka Amano

    One of my favorite artists :3. Perhaps he can do a mural work or a forum or even just a signing? I want to buy his artbook and have him sign it ;_;
  13. The Yoshida Brothers

  14. Dragon Ball Dash

    ...I thought this was how...hmm. where shall i go to ask them?
  15. Dragon Ball Dash

    :D I've not forgotten about this desire. I have been collecting some items over the year for prizes and I can even buy the dragon balls. they're on sale for $25 at ebay. I want to make this happen, but I need to know what needs to be done to do so.