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  1. Vocaloid 2016?

    Are there gonna be any other Vocaloid cosplayers at ACen this year? I'll be cosplaying as World's End Dancehall Miku, and was wondering if there were any other Vocaloid cosplayers that might want to meet up or hang or say hello or something.
  2. Panty and stocking with garter belt

    Yeah sounds good
  3. Panty and stocking with garter belt

    Yes that would be nice! Hopefully we can get some more people! What time do you think you would want to meet?
  4. Panty and stocking with garter belt

    Maybe even if there isn't an official meet up, we could have own meet up anyway ^^
  5. Panty and stocking with garter belt

    I will be cosplaying Stocking's Angel form. It would be really cool if we could get a shoot together ^_^
  6. Vocaloid Photoshoot 2013

    Will be going as Male Aoki Lapis ^.^
  7. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    I commented on the photos I'm in, so you can tag me if you want! (I dunno how to do it myself)
  8. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    I'm currently in progress of uploading my pictures on my DeviantArt still, but y'all can find them here. I'll try and update a lil bit each night. Should all be up this weekend or so. http://jamesrolfeii.deviantart.com/gallery/36824760 And for those who do not know, I was Piko on Saturday and Luki on Sunday.
  9. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    (In advance sorry 4 the double post) Okay, to avoid future confusion, The First meeting is at 2:30 PM on Saturday by the Loading Docks area and the other at 12:00 PM by the East Outdoor Wall area, correct?
  10. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    OMG! Thank you x3
  11. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    Finally got some pictures of my Cosplays! Check'em out here: http://jamesrolfeii.deviantart.com/gallery/36824743
  12. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    Sure I guess. I was planning on bringing my PSP w/ Project Diva Extend and maybe BRS the game.
  13. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    LEIK ZOMG! My Luki costume finally arrived today! To celebrate, I'm gonna wear mah Piko wig for the evening x3
  14. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    Waiting impatiently for my cosumes -.-'
  15. Just curious. How old is everyone?

    I'm 16