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  1. Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler 2012?

    ohai guize, I will be sebastian anyone know the exact time and date of le shoot?
  2. ACEN 2011 Looking for someone?

    looking for the grell that kissed me on my way down the stairs while I was sebastian.
  3. looking for Katekyo hitman Reborn characters

    may possibly bring 25 year lambo
  4. Birthday

    I know how old you are <3 happy birthday~ <3 .... I'll give you some cake at ACen~
  5. How do I make friends at ACen?

    oh.. well if that's the case chat with me sometime I may not be local but, I'm always willing to make new friends ^w^.
  6. pre-acen stress?

    I had to finish two of my cosplays last night only finished one now I have to finish the second one today before 8 pm @3@
  7. How do I make friends at ACen?

    Just if you see someone interesting make casual conversation, if they look rather uninterested don't continue to ramble. If they are in cosplay analyze the character first they may just stick to in character. say hello and smile and if they reply that is usually an invitation to talk. Key to making friends is just to just be yourself.
  8. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    ahhh noo no don't be apprehensive or insecure, I've been to over a hundred cons, and I've gathered that over the past few years but, where a lot of them are rude there are often double that amount that are awesome people. the way to cosplay is to just have fun like I've previously said, and if you want to be more recognizable just act in character around other characters.~ I've been talking to a few of you guys, and you are in the good part of my experience with kuro cosplayers <3 @ kitchan Well the first time is always the toughest because, you'll worry if you look nice, or if anyone will talk to you, etc but as long as you have fun your first time cosplaying should be like an unforgetable memory that is burned into your memory as the best memory of cosplay.
  9. Poses

    Very interesting I may try a few of these because same old same old gets old. So I won't try anything to extravagant so I don't look like a jerk XD
  10. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    sadly to say most kuroshitsuji cosplayers are well.. D bags.. They're very cold and usually elitist when they're not even very good themselves. I hope I can find the photoshoots
  11. Type with your eyes closed!

    ok this time i will not fail like the other two times . I am sorry.
  12. Trading Post

    thanks guys ^ ^ I hope this helps.
  13. Air Gear 2011

    !!! so awesome ^^
  14. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    I'm so excited <3 I cannot wait till ACen now.
  15. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    I can be your sebby~