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  1. registration questions

    If you received your badges already you are good to go! You do not need to wait in the long lines, your badge is all you need to get in the convention.
  2. Keeping safe from sexual harassment (female-specific)

    I find that being in a group or with a buddy, especially during the evening hours at ACen, is helpful. While I haven't had a situation like yours, I have found that people during the evening will shout stupid things or some I have found to be drunk or high, which is frightening to be around as you have no idea how they will act/react. If you're with another person, chances are people will leave you alone. If you have absolutely no way you can be with others, what Washu Takahashi suggested is absolutely brilliant. Find a group of women and pretend you know them, then explain your situation. Chances are they will help you out. As stated before always be aware of your surroundings and know where you can find a staff member before you go to the Con. Again as stated,screaming can get you some help. I was taught in a self-defense class in high school that if you scream "call 911" people are more likely to help you, of course this should be used as a last resort.
  3. Additional Studio Ghibli Gathering?

    I might be up for it, I'll be going again as Sophie Hatter in her short silver hair.
  4. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    We watched this god-awful anime in my Japanese animation culture club in high school a few years back called Ghost Stories.
  5. High heels?

    I know when I have to wear heels for a cosplay I make sure to bring flats with me. Sure they're a pain to drag around but they really save your feet from the pain in the long run. You can then switch to your heels for pictures. I've done dance for most of my life, and my feet are not in the best of shape anymore, so bringing extra shoes really helps me.
  6. Studio Ghibli?

    I was happy to see so many people at the photoshoot! I Hope everyone had fun! If anyone has pictures, could you post them? Thanks!
  7. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was dressed as short and silver haired Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. I was also with a Ponyo. We were both dressed the same on Saturday and Sunday.I had many people take pictures of me, and not too many of Ponyo.

    If you didn't reserve a room, you might want to check the hotels that are a bit further down the road from the convention center. The Marriott and the Westin might have some rooms. The hotels that are near the convention center (Embassy, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt, Double Tree, etc) usually sell out early in the year.
  9. Studio Ghibli?

    The final schedule said that the Miyazaki gathering is on Saturday at 3 by the East Outdoor wall. I'll be going at Sophie Hatter and my sister will be going at Ponyo, so we will most likely be there :)
  10. No Platinum Badge (or similar ones)?

    I'm assuming ACen doesn't have this because of the sheer amount of people who go to the con. I feel like the panel rooms that ACen utilizes are already so small that people who can not afford platinum badges would not be able to get into any panels; I dunno though that's just my thought.
  11. Difference between ACen and Anime Midwest?

    Anime Midwest is A LOT smaller than ACen. It's only been around for three years (this being it's third year). I think it depends on what you want to see at Anime Midwest to determind which day(s) you want to go. The schedule is already up so you can look ahead. Saturday is usually a good bet, just as Saturday is a good day to go for ACen. Anime Midwest is only going to be located in the Hyatt so if you want a hotel room you can always rent one at the other (cheaper) hotels. Personally, I'm going Friday to see Steam Powered Giraffe play and am going Saturday for the panels. I'm not renting a room because I live close by and would rather pay for parking for both days then pay to rent a room. Anywho hope this helps. :)
  12. So who else is going to Anime Midwest?

    I'll have to try to make it out to Karaoke, I couldn't make it to the one at ACen this year :'(
  13. Yuu Watase

    I'd love to meet her as well!
  14. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Friday and Saturday I was Yuki Cross in her white uniform (a bought one). I didn't get many pictures taken of me but I did end up finding many other people dressed as Yuki which I took pictures with. Sunday I was Nice Holystone.
  15. So who else is going to Anime Midwest?

    So now that ACen is over is everyone looking forward to Anime Midwest? I'm kinda glad I'm going this year because it made the Con depression from ACen a little lower since this event is right around the corner! Is anyone working on a new cosplay? Or will you be reusing your costume from ACen?