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  1. Jerry Jewell and/or Eric Vale

    Yes to Eric Vale! One of the few VA's I haven't met that I want to!
  2. Guest Schedules

    Totally agree with this on so many levels including the two sessions where the guest can sign anything! I went to the Sailor Moon autograph session expecting to get other stuff signed only to find out it was Sailor Moon only and official Viz media. It was nice that they at least gave free posters to get signed, but I was lugging around a bag of big items all morning thinking I could get it signed :( Even if the item limit was one per guest, if there's two signings that at least means it's possible to get two things signed. It especially sucked that Cherami Leigh had a huge line but could only sign one item which meant that every guest was only allowed ONE non-Viz Sailor Moon item the whole con. Although I heard she stayed pass her time to sign things which is super awesome of her! I also thought it was awesome of Cristina Vee to sign two items per person when at first when we were in line they said one item only. Also that she stood the whole time for autographs says a lot about her. I do sort of wish that I knew about the Sailor Moon thing ahead of time too though since I had Stephanie Shea sign things that I didn't care as much about on Friday, but had them signed instead since they were larger items and I figured I could get her to sign the other 2 Saturday :/ I do like the 30 minute rule though!
  3. Guest Schedules

    In regards to the lining up thing, I feel they say that every year but never enforce it. People always end up lining up early and they don't kick anyone out of the line :/ Also I do hope that the 2 item limit is true for the con. It sucked last year when they switched it to 1 item per guest when I waited until Sunday for autographs and had 2 items I wanted signed :(
  4. Guest Schedules

    Awesome, thanks for responding! Guess I'll make sure to be early then
  5. Guest Schedules

    Just a quick maybe stupid question, but the Sailor Moon signing isn't just for Sailor Moon merchandise is it? Also I just want to clarify that it is two items per guest correct?
  6. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Here are my general pictures as well as pictures from the One Piece photoshoots Friday and Saturday General One Pice Friday One Piece Saturday
  7. Ramencon 2013

    You don't happen to know what time registration/badge pick up starts on Saturday do you? I can't seem to find info on it, although the Guidebook app list some things starting at 9am
  8. Ramencon 2013

    I'll admit that I haven't been on here as much as I use to, but still a little shocked since there's threads for smaller cons lol XD
  9. Ramencon 2013

    Ramencon is this month, and I was wondering who here is going? I'm surprised I don't see a thread already for this, lol
  10. Kollision Con 2013

    I'm going Saturday for sure, and maybe Sunday too. Depends on the panel list I guess lol
  11. Kollision Con 2013

    I'll go one day for sure, but not sure about the whole weekend. Depends on the guest list for me right now :)
  12. Luci Christian - American Voice Talent

    Yes! I would love to meet her too!!!!!
  13. One Piece 2013

    I got some pictures from the photoshoots! Friday https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.623147026829.1073741834.62801364&type=3 Saturday https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.623191303099.1073741837.62801364&type=3
  14. Ranma 1/2/Rumiko Takahashi 2013

    Here are some pictures I took for my friend of the photoshoot. He was the male Ryoga https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.623145654579.1073741833.62801364&type=3&uploaded=18
  15. I'm going for a SUPER long shot here...On Friday sometime around 12pm-1pm in the gaming room, I was waiting for a tournament to start when a girl came by and sat next to me and talked with me about my Alabasta Luffy costume. We then ended up talking for probably almost 10 minutes or more about the current One Piece arc, Bleach and Naruto. I regret not getting a name of any sort, as there's so few people I can have deep conversations about One Piece with :(