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    J-rock/J-pop concerts
    K-pop/C-pop/k-rock concerts too
    -Dir en Grey
    -Aural Vampire

    anyone play ITG?

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  1. Name/Nickname: Jesus/Zeus (get it? hey-zeus? hurr hurr) Age:21 Location:NYC Favorite Anime(s): I havent watched anime in a long time but I would say gurren lagann, chobits Least Favorite: not sure My personality type: I am a bit shy but once you get to know me I am very active and can easily make friends with everyone =D How you may contact me: here but I'm always on fb A talent that i have: talent? Lets see. I play a lot of DDR/ITG/PIU and I have gotten really good at it because I've been playing for more than 5 years. I estimated that while playing the hardest song, my feet move at about 10-12 times a sec. But since college started I've been slacking :P. My Tastes (Movies, music, books, ect.): I'm into horror/gore/suspense/sci-fi movies. I listen to a lot of j-rock/j-pop/c-pop/k-pop/k-rock music, so really any asian music haha. I go to a lot of concerts and I also go to open-aired raves around NYC. I play handball and if you look at my fb, I like to climb haha. Small bio: I am from NYC and go to Hunter college. This will be my first time going to ACen. I have volunteered at a lot of other conventions and will volunteer at ACen as well. I just love volunteering and you might see me at other big conventions on the east coast. I'm so behind in the latest anime so I usually just go see the concerts and hang out with any new friends that I make at the conventions. Pictures: check my fb xD
  2. Hotel Party!

    parties? all weekend long? count me in :D
  3. Wi-fi

    I was wondering if theres wifi at the convention center. Im not sure if I want to pay the fee at the hotel and just want to know if theres wifi elsewhere.
  4. Herro!

    I actually havent played official songs in years. Ive just been playing custom songs lately :P

    Right on gurrl
  6. pre-acen stress?

    I think I am ::checks email:: Yes I am! I leave wed afternoon
  7. pre-acen stress?

    an 18 hour train ride from nyc because I didnt buy my plane ticket in time = me sad
  8. Things To Do At Rosemont

    the game room is open on thursday? Where did they post info about this?
  9. pre-acen stress?

    I am definitely stressing out. My camera screen is broken it only shows half. I coped well at anime boston and the concerts that I go to but I have no idea if it can survive another anime convention. ;__; I cant afford another one since paying for the trip to ACen was expensive and I bought tickets for Electric Zoo a dance music festival in NY. OMG I hope my camera lives long enough so I can take pictures and movies at ACen :(

  11. Herro!

    lol thanks guys I'll not to anger my dad or something on the 21st ;D I'll try to make some friends at the con to show me around Chicago. I plan on volunteering too If anyone is coming on thursday we can meet up, just let me know thanks xD
  12. The ACen Countdown...

    Is anyone coming on thursday and would like to go as a group to the convention center? I posted in the thread for gatherings already. This will be my first time going to ACen and I dont want to get lost lol
  13. Another Union Station to CTA Gathering 2011?

    I'll be arriving quite early, at 10am thursday. :[ I'll have to find things to do while waiting haha
  14. Herro!

    hello everyone names Jesus! This is my first ACen! My friend told me about this convention when I was listing the conventions I was planning on going to this year. I am so glad she told me because Yoshiki, Raveman from Aural Vampire and Flow will be there! :D plus the PIU/ITG ;D I'm from NYC and this is quite a long trip for me but I'm so excited! Currently playing LoL, IGN is Zeushero I play ITG and PIU and am excited about the tournaments that will be there.
  15. Another Union Station to CTA Gathering 2011?

    I was wondering if people are still having this gathering. I also dont want to travel alone and would like it if a group of us could go together. I'll be arriving on thursday.