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  1. Female Idol Anime 2016

    ;-; thank you so much for uploading these.. this is the first time I've seen a photo of me where you can actually see me and not half or a quarter of me...
  2. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    Here ya go. I still have some photos to add.. If the link doesn't work tell me~ 90% Female Idol Anime Photoshoot Click here to see the photos! btw does anyone know the girl that was cosplaying Yoshiko from Love Live! Sunshine!! I didn't get to personally talk to her but she seemed adorable and she was tiny. I don't have to talk to her, just want to know if she has a cosplay account somewhere or something
  3. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    I'm slowly starting to get more and more lonely at conventions.. maybe because my friend circle is small.. (only my distant friends cosplay...) and I'm not even that old!! I really want to know what lonely people do at cons/ACen? At least the moments that their friends are away or they don't have friends at all there? I know someone might walk around and just buy stuff.. but don't some people just feel super lonely? Especially going to panels and potentially having empty seats nearby..? I'm like 70% sure no one is going to answer this.. I'm a true lonely cephalopod...
  4. Female Idol Anime 2016

    If only my character had an anime out (yet if at all?) but it's just a drama cd. I guess I'll just enjoy everyone else's cosplays and take pictures.
  5. Merchant from Princess Mononoke

    I won't even be able to go next year oh oh oh ;;;;; (unless sudden plan change but I doubt it)
  6. You can try to use a pillow & pillow case and attach the two with velcro or use a big bowl (how tall is the space?) or attach it with some strong material (maybe elastic depending on weight) to get it to stay around your whole head (like how a helmet stays on)
  7. Adventure Time 2014

    Just funna do Princess Bubblegum in her lab coat ( and short hair ;a; )
  8. ~K-ON 2014~

    i plan on doing Tsumugi in her "Singing!"attire/dress. hopefully I don't change my mind again haha
  9. Cosplay To-do 2014

    Not a lot to do now! Princess Bubblegum -buy pink body paint -get a flask Totokaka -make staff -make grey tail -find old inuyasha ears -add on fake zipper -buy grey wig -work on paw pattern - find base jacket (to not have to do too much work haha) - find brown/tan dye for the jacket - get model magic for zipper pull Mio Akiyama -buy black wig -get white hair ties -bleach dress -add white cuffs and collar -add on buttons -find long white socks -fix shoes
  10. Large cosplay helpful ideas?

    Well one of my cosplays will be a character that is at least 6'5" or more. While I'm at the height of 4'9" Either way I'm going to do this cosplay since no one has ever done it before plus I like the idea. I'm usually the one who does cosplays that haven't been done before or are at least rarely done. This is the character that I want to do. Another picture Some ideas for it is that my body is lower than what I have done with the head. Though there would be some problems. The arms, how would i be inside of the arms without coming from them on the sides. How would i keep the head from being droopy (already thought of an idea for that) Plus just the height in general. Its at least half the size of a mecha in more animation terms would I try and add height the way they do it but how would the platforms (not the shoes but actually platforms that people use in mecha cosplays) or whatever i decide, blend in. Plus i would have to have a dress that is at least 2x the size of my body in height. or should i just keep with the main idea of having it my size but possibly being it sourced around "chibi" or something of the sort. I also do not completely know how to do the yellow parts of the body. Should I sew maybe cotton stuffed material onto whatever i use for the arms or should I paint and if i paint how would I make certain sections bulky. Plus I'm not very good with stencils.
  11. Tales of...2014

    I was aiming to cosplay as Exbelua ( an enemy/monster ) from Tales of Symphonia ;;; but it'll have to be a next year thing ;a;
  12. ACen WAS HOT!

    Being in a creeper cosplay... I was dying. The only thing cool was my legs so I had to get out every at least 30 minutes. The wait to get into the dealer's room/Artist Alley on Sunday made us go outside so I was sweating like a horse....
  13. Con Withdrawal

    For the first time ever,since 2007 I did not have a con withdrawal! I believe that I didnt have it because I had so much fun and I got really tired. Also I'm just "ready" for next year. But on usual years, I never have a way to get rid of the withdrawal. Too much money used not only because Chicago is a 4-5 hour drive from where I am now. There aren't so many cons in my area (well not anymore) and they are so spaced out during the year so I'm sort of just stuck with it.
  14. Feedback After Day One

    My only true conflict was the elevator thing in the Hyatt. How on the bottom level they won't let anybody on unless they have the badge for it (well as I see during specific time periods) while they ignore the fact that some people have big cosplays that can't go upstairs or take a lot to get upstairs/downstairs and that there should be a sign more in visible sight telling people they can't use those elevators without a badge rather than the IRT coming down on that level with people in the elevator just to tell them that after people wait so long for the elevator.
  15. Staying in character?

    Well I LOVE it when people are in character but I hate it when people can get rude when it comes to cosplays and all that stuff. If the character is rude in general, they can say a few rude things to friends or people dressing up in the series but try to say it in a more joking tone or at least tell them you were trying to be in character afterwards so you don't offend them. If I really know the character it'd be cool if they were greatly in character. I'd rather they not completely do it by their actions though,since many things chracters do in a series can be offensive or disturb another congoer or cosplayer. Though I agree with a lot of people who have spoken in this topic! I can't really be in character this year since all my character does is "SSSSSS" like a snake and I wouldn't mind answering a few questions and stuff so I'll only do it at the right moments. My voice is very soft though so I'd have to be loud while in the cosplay because its even HARDER to hear me ; I just really hope people don't think I'm yelling at them.