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  1. Wow...I never would have thought this had happened. I did attend both gatherings on Friday and Saturday, though couldn't attend the panel on Sunday, and I've never seen this happening. But allow me to say something kind of regarding this: I was almost kicked in the head for having different shipping views. Yes, this involved Hetalia. Now, I love Hetalia. I find shipping wars lulzy if it wasn't serious. However, my HEAD is VITALLY IMPORTANT to lose just because I ship a different pairing. It's making me re-think cosplaying Hetalia in big cons. Which sucks, because I met a lot of nice people in gatherings and such because of APH, but if this is how it's going to be, I'm going to have to think about it. :/
  2. ACen 2011 Pictures

    I tried tagging, but it doesn't work. So I added you...I'm the female!Revolutionary War America, and my FB default picture is colorful, if that helps. XD
  3. Osama Bin Ladin

    Today, as "Wear Your Cosplay to Starbucks Day", a friend and I dressed up as America [Hetalia]. TURNED OUT THIS WAS A GREAT DAY TO DRESS AS AMERICA LOL
  4. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    There are many reasons why someone is overweight. Weight gain isn't just caused by eating; it is also caused by stress, lack of sleep (work/school can eat our hours of sleep), side effect from medications, genetics, etc. As an employed college student, I fall under the category of gaining weight from stress. Ever since graduating from high school (2010), I must have gained about fifteen pounds (150 to about 165); I have almost no time to exercise, because I work until midnight during weekdays at my job, and I need to make time to study. Where is the time to exercise in this schedule? NOWHERE. Thankfully, I'm done with school for the summer so I can have time to exercise, but that's beside the point. My point here is this: there are many reasons why someone is the way he/she is, number one reason being that he/she is born that way. For Pete's sakes, this is COSPLAY. COSTUME PLAY. You're not making a movie rip-off of the anime/game/whatever, so why the hell should you be born in a SPECIFIC way to DRESS UP? We cosplay to have fun, not to be "oh so ttly awsum i look like the character evry1 <3s me and my cosplay fck ya". If you're black who wants to dress up as an albino, by all means go for it. If you're overweight who wants to dress up an anorexic character, no one is stopping you. You want to get in character? Buy/make the costume, put it on, and go for it.
  5. Agh, don't feel bad. I'll be wearing the costume on Saturday, too. XD I'm only going Touhou after the Hetalia photoshoot and panel~
  6. Good Cosplay Locations in Chicago

    Well, if anyone lives near any of these locations, you can cosplay in Starbucks on Sunday.
  7. I'll be wearing it on Friday during the day and half of Saturday (after the photoshoots and panel, I'm going Touhou) :D
  8. Everything for my RW!fem!America cosplay is compleeeeete. Costume came in and fitted like a glove (sashes are small, but ehh, it can manage). :) I may do casual or Marine fem!America on Friday night. Trying to decide. I have both ready, it's just a manner of choosing right now. <.<
  9. The Who do I look like game

    It leads to an unavailable page. I has a colorful picture of myself :B
  10. How are you saving money?

    Eating frugal and restraining myself from buying unnecessary things and try to work many hours at my job.
  11. Why is there no Franada? D: *votevotevote*
  12. Ramona Flowers?

    You can try this wig called Jaguar.
  13. Definitely going to use this list <3 However, you're missing a pretty important item: The badge.