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  1. Sigh :/ so I've never been to this con and I am not sure I wanna go. I was supposed to go to Leakycon (Harry Potter con) but I waited too long and they sold out so I wanted to find something else to do. But having looked at WW's schedule....thing really interests me except maybe Tom Felton but its at a bad time for me. I'm quite bummed out. I don't want to make the trip to Rosemont to not really do anything. One of my friends calls it an old people con lol I am not sure why. What's there to do besides the celeb meet ups?
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm playing Lone Survivor. Makes me feel like I'm playing the NES version of Silent Hill xD
  3. R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

    Will probably re-read F451...after getting though "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". @.@ It's crazy we are reaching that 100yr lifespan o.o
  4. people should think about what fights they want to pick, and what causes to stand for. a single person can't be concerned with every little thing wrong in the world.
  5. Facebook!

    my facebook is now in my forum profile :3 I hope the link works lol
  6. Replacing The Soap Bubble

    I def dig the retro movie night idea. I like the soap bubble, but i understand some issues it seems it brings to the con every year. I think an extra cover will go a long way. The ball, as I understand, is a charity event and this is why it costs extra. But the soap is so popular! I dunno. ^-^"
  7. Georgia to require drug test for welfare benefits?

    I don't have insurance, but I've managed to get by with the clinic as I don't have any serious illness. Dental work is a part of healthcare that really irritates me though. It's ridiculously expensive to afford simple dental care. And even more ridiculous getting wisdoms out, or braces. Depending on coverage (if you have any), it can still cost you a good $100 out of your pocket. I am lucky I can survive without insurance. Its sad getting a reform is so difficult and convoluted. Ultimately, theres always a disparity between healthcare service for the working class and middle class. (Let alone the richer people pfff) Btw Fujoshi, I dunno if docs have advised you this so I hope its useful, but if youre having chronic VIs you should implement yogurt in your diet. Unless of course it's a bacterial source...then I dunno :/ normally, it's just a flux of yeast in the wrong way. I had a similar problem a while ago, yogurt helped out. Lastly, people abusing highly accessible healthcare is def an issue. I mean, for people who have it readily available *now* it's so apparent they get into the habit of going to the doctor for the smallest of things. Hypochondriacs and whatnot.
  8. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Haha well I didn't exactly have a spoiled childhood, especially compared to some people...(by "some people" I think of the kind of people I know who have had a lot more than me). Not on the verge of being homeless or anything but yeah. some games lol how's bioshock STVO? :o
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    no i'm implying anyone over 18 isn't getting games and gaming systems for free ("free" here meaning from parents). but I mean that in a broad "you gotta spend your money now" kind of way.
  10. The Breakup Thread

    Ok, I guess the way I worded it was confusing...this friend of my ex is someone who has been kind enough to also lend me an ear (via txt). I really appreciate that like I appreciate the supportive messages from you guys. I don't like him more than just a friend and sadly because it's the only right thing to do, his number is gonna have to go as well. I don't want a rebound, I'm emotionally exhausted. Which is why I took to the Jameson. I don't keep booze in my room and no one else I live with drinks. I'm not a fan of drinking but i suppose that's only because I dont do it often. Once this bottle is gone that'll be it. There's not much left. I hung out with my friends Monday and I bought it for all of us. Nerd brigade, I'd suggest these steps from experience: 1) think about what you want from the rship 2) be honest with yourself 3) talk to him and try to arrive at a compromise like xenoblade said. 4) stick with it You don't sound selfish. If you start conspicuously conveying how much you wish his friends would go away, that's being selfish
  11. 5.26.12

    so, forgive my ignorance, but I've never had cable (ugh!! I mean we did a long time ago..lol) so I was just wondering if like I dnno I would really like to watch toonami!! so if anyone has tips or whatever> I dunno. Sad kitty!! ;-; I see the lineup and I really wish I could watch some, rewatch some and finish watching some.
  12. What Are You Currently Playing?

    ok so this is going to sound really really effing lame but I bought portal 2 barely just recently. cuz steam had it on sale. I loved portal and portal 2 is great too. I'm just too poor to afford games when they come out yknow? it really sucks. it makes me sad. long gone as the days when the parents paid for nintendo LOL. man. I miss playing games like kids do. pffff I'm only 23!! xD
  13. The Breakup Thread

    i'm only bumping this thread just cuz tonight happened to be the night everything, even emails and random txts, has to stop. and I know I'll prolly sound weird or something but (god I'm not drunk enough still...) but I really appreciate the replies because for the first week it was so hard, I had to keep rereading them and also talk to my few friends extensively about it and I'm lucky that I'm going to be ok because sadly I've had to deal with suicide...past stuff...yea no details but yea it was terrible (I mean, someone else. Doing that. Over me basically.) I don't want to make the same mistakes and I'm actually "glad" to not be with him but it still hurts, it was a year and theres so much stuff fresh on my mind but slowly but surely right? I want to mature, and not feel so shitty about myself. I wish ACen was like once a month rather than once a year. I'm not the kind of person that enjoys bars or whatever. ACen is where I love to go talk to random people and have a good time. We arent on bad terms...but he really needs me to stop contacting him. He's so sweet. I mean, he couldn't let himself say anything sappy because he really really cares about me and knows that we have to go our separate ways but he did insinuate that he doesn't want to think about me being with anyone else. I really wanted to hold on still, like "one day in the future, months from now!!"....but that's not right either. I'm so attached to him guys. Like, an addiction. It's unhealthy obviously. Kept me from *truly* caring about him yknow? damn shame. He's really hot you guys! lol...(more jameson..btw I'm not a fan of drinking AT ALL honest, but I just happen to have this bottle and I'm tired of hurting so much) anyway, I do feel so much better, I am back to being with my few friends and I was so brutally honest with myself and them and I'm so lucky that theyre awesome people. I do feel more like myself when I'm with them. I kinda wish I hadn't met him at ACen cuz ACen is part of me...has been part of me for much longer so I will still go though can't give up ACen! never! thanks a lot. like I told his friend whose number I had and I like this guy (hes a nice guy, not like that though), everyone that listened to me was one more person that helped me keep my life and I can't express enough gratitude. I'm a very weak and immature person but I know I can be better. I know I'm cool on some level...lol. k I got work tomorrow. man it's so late. but I once worked a job where I got up at 5am and got only 3-4 hrs of sleep no joke and that job was a lot more demanding than this one (so I had to quit...pfff...but that's a diff story. Gotta be confident in what you do!) Nite everyone.