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  1. who needs a ride

    Im in south bend Indiana, leavening early thursday, asking to pay anything you can bc ill be omw to Chicago anyway, just looking to help out if so just PM me. thanks! :3
  2. Doubletree rosemont

  3. Hyatt Room Available

    hey hmu i might be interested
  4. Inspector Zenigata and Lupin

    I have tons of photos of you all! I met you in the garden on sunday! PM me! :)
  5. Looking to buy, Serious inquires please. Contact me asap. thanks.
  6. Inspector Zenigata and Lupin

    omg I saw them... I can't help you but they were amazing
  7. I am looking to stay in a room for sunday night. pm me. thx~ 22/m
  8. Counting me there are 3 people. we need a 4th for fri-sat-sun. There have already been two people who had agreed then dropped out so anyone who is 100% let me know. 150 for all 3 nights, ages in room 19-20-22
  9. Singles Gathering

    hey everyone againnnnnn so ill be at ACen this year alone, :o if anyone wants to just kick it or whatnot im downnnnnnnnnnnn ^_^
  10. Singles Gathering

    HAI 2 everyone. :3
  11. Free Photos

    sweet! yea !! I'm going to update this post soon with a lot more information in the next week!
  12. Free Photos

    awesome to everyone, just keep tabs on this thread, ill have a # for you all to call / txt so we can link up at the con.
  13. Free Photos

    yay! yea id love to! we will arrange something! :)