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    Well think about it, its an anime con forum. So what do you think my interests are? XD
  1. Homestuck 2013!

    Maaaaan, this sounds exciting! The staff needs to get back to you sooner, ACen is around the corner! Anyway though, I have a group with me. Karkat, Tavros, Mituna, and myself for the whole weekend. We want to jump in this: Gathering Of The Awesome Homestuck People. Please put up the Where and When soon! ;o)
  2. Homestuck Meetup - Illinois

    There is also another option with over 100 people currently going for this weekend at navy pier. Its not JUST homestuck, but there will probably be a lot of us there. Ideas and comments about this? https://www.facebook.com/events/339339342841307/
  3. Homestuck Meetup - Illinois

    Haha. Woot, Dancestors! The more the merrier, were having a hard time finding people who want to meet up. So spread the word if you can. But yeah, seems like Game Works is going to be the location. We are also planning to go to ramencon and some other ones around the area as well when the time comes.
  4. Homestuck Meetup - Illinois

    Fox Valley seems large enough and close enough to the middle of the area to work as a place. Just an idea at the moment, few weeks before its time. Any ideas? Actually, there is a cool place in schaumburg called game works. Its like a huge arcade, we all went there a few weekends ago. Probably lots more fun.
  5. Homestuck Meetup - Illinois

    Awesome bro! Where are you located? Going to try and center this place with all who post here.
  6. Homestuck Meetup - Illinois

    Hey there homestuckers... While we wait for the next stupid update and ACen, a group of cosplayers down by Joliet IL would like to hang out and maybe make some new friends who are interested in all this weirdness as well!! Currently we have a John, Mituna, and Kurloz. Mixed with a possible Karkat, but we would like to expand the group and get some of the first meeting shyness out of the way before ACen so that at the con we can have wicked amounts of fun! ;o) So, anyone up it? We were thinking maybe doing something at a mall on 4/13 because you know... its 4/13 lol. So anyone interested? [Possibly later than 4/13 if it works out better O_o??]
  7. Im on your profile... Messing it up! =D

  8. C2's Pizza Hut Adventure~! (Featuring Cheese-kun)

    The day of epic pizza eating is almost upon us. Group.. get ready to quest!!
  9. Cosplay Chess 2011

    Pfft, he would come to me. Loves me to much not to. lol
  10. C2's Pizza Hut Adventure~! (Featuring Cheese-kun)

    Tenten is someone I met a few years back at the con, and talk to from time to time. Told her to add this.
  11. C2's Pizza Hut Adventure~! (Featuring Cheese-kun)

    THTR is getting a ride with Lulu and I. THE CRAZY HATH SPOKEN! Oh yeah. Also, Ten ten. If you see this, your coming with us too. I told you to post here and say your going, so you better have. XD
  12. looking for Katekyo hitman Reborn characters

    Oh, awesome awesome. Love to make peoples day. Lol.
  13. Cosplay Chess 2011

    Not the baaaaaaacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. looking for Katekyo hitman Reborn characters

    Im going as TYL Belphegor. Being him in different outfits all weekend. I have a chess match to attend in the morning Saturday, so during and after the shoot hanging out would be cool~