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  1. Guidebook webpage address?

    https://guidebook.com/guide/149020/maps/ If you go to ACen's website, under "about us" select convention maps, the link to view the convention map now directs you to the guidebook page as linked above instead of their own map which was there earlier this week but is now removed (see image below for the link that still exists but is not searchable)
  2. No Battletech Pods

    Just heard back today after sending them an email on Sunday: "Sorry the PODs will not be at ACen this year we could not swing a deal this year. Now that we have a better understanding of the changes they want to make we should be back in 2018." So no pods at ACen from the michigan crew (the Minnesota crew/Fallout Shelter Arcade has never worked with ACen directly, just had some of their staff help run the site some years). So I'll see you all at Anime Midwest as the Minneapolis crew (Fallout Shelter Arcade ) should be bringing their pods (which are in the best possible condition. They are in the process of replacing all the MFD screens with LCD's, all their pods MAIN monitors have already been swapped and working on additional functionality). The Michigan crew has been at Youmacon for many years and this year they were at Magfest for the first time (had 13 or so pods). You can find 12+ pods at Gencon and the Houston crew (Mechcorps) have a bunch at Dragon con as well as other TX/LA cons. EDIT: Seems Fallout Shelter Arcade will NOT be at Anime Midwest either this year.
  3. No Battletech Pods

    Just heard back from the owners, "We are talking to them now about bringing them back for 2017." So nothing is confirmed but at least it's better than last year.
  4. No Battletech Pods

    It might be a bit early for final confirmation but I can contact the group and see if anyone has even been contacted yet. Just an FYI there were 12/13 pods at Magfest a few weeks ago and as far as I know they want to return next year (Mix of ACen pods and a private owners). Anime Midwest pods are from the Miniapolis crew (Fallout Shelter Arcade) who have been retrofitting all the screens (MFD's and secondary screen) with LCD's (they replaced the main screens a while back). Otherwise you can find the pods at Gencon every year (12-13) and Dragon con by the Houston crew (Mechcorps).
  5. No Battletech Pods

    Just found out (as did the pod owners) there will be no Battletech Pods at ACen this year. Supposedly they might ask for them back next year but "they had other priorities" this year. More upset over the fact that no one was notified, contacted nor announcement made until this close to the con as I had to request the time off at the start of april and now will not be attending. I can confirm the Minneapolis Pods will be at Anime Midwest, so feel free to join me there. Just park and walk in (last 2 years they are in the basement of the Hyatt, right at the bottom of the large staircase).
  6. League of Legends Tournament - Possible?

    There hasn't been and likely will never be any sort of tournament for a few reasons. First and foremost unless the game supports LAN only play modes, the connection used by both the convention center and hotels is not going to meet the requirements. 2nd, having PC's isn't as big of an issue as a simple requirement would be to bring your own (laptop or entire setup), but the NETWORKING equipment would still have to be setup by ACen. Lastly the issue of a space, on top of the organization for teams/players to register, time for gameplay, admins, and any other requirements the game company might require (though if it has no prize pool, and thus could be considered an Unofficial gathering). Those are usually there reasons given when this question is asked, I'm not part of ACen's staff but this question/suggestion is one I've seen a few times.
  7. Pattern making

    (you need to upload the image to a hosting site, then link to the pic's url when you reply by clicking the picture button and pasting the link. You need it 40 inches tall? depending on how wide it will be over multiple pages BOTH side to side and up/down. It might be easier to use posterboard like I did for the stencil design/drawing phase, and cut it out, else use a large printer at any print shop/fedex/office depot ect.
  8. Pattern making

    I guess I should have posted my examples sorry. The follow gallery is the initial version and then after I redid handle I did (though sadly I couldn't really remove anything, just had to build on the original single pipe, which made it difficult) and you can see the only reference I had since it was only 2 weeks after they announced the game. 1.0 vs 1.1 Here you can see how I modeled the thing to figure out how exactly everything would look if it were scaled for my sister's size while retaining the objects proportions (you can see the measurements, used 1 unit as 1 inch, the cylinder=sister). You can also see my ideas on how to actually construct the thing with the tools I had available and make sure it wouldn't fall apart. V1.0 creation The more recent thing I've been working on, based off images I made a low poly model for use with pepakura and then made the actual model reference and pepakura
  9. Pattern making

    I think you are referring to things like Pepakura, or basically any 3D modeling software is all you need (just make your UV maps and you're done). But if you only have -A-single picture that would mean only 1 view, there isn't much you can do besides scaling it up from that perspective. If you have scaled orthographic views than any basic photo editing program could let you "blow them up" to the scale you need to be used as templates and easily make a completed "paper" model.
  10. Text alerts

    I didn't suggest anything instead of text alerts, however I certainly don't get cell service myself with my little POS in many areas of the con, the more options the better? Also having the policy stated would help people plan the day if they know what to expect when it's sunny by 1pm but it rained all morning.
  11. Text alerts

    The rain locations were listed right below the actual locations in the guide, formatted like this Gathering 1: main location: garden outside expoteria rain location: inside DESCC by lower ballrooms. I only noticed as it seemed like the first year the rain locations were clearly presented in the program. As far as rain locations being used, there should be a way of stating when they have changed and if it will be for the entire day or not which is easily found without the need of an internet connection. (also printing the policy would be nice, 1/4" of rain between 4am - 9am vs a downpour all morning considered the same thing?) I would have loved to see a large sign at all the "information desks" which usually have the cosplay gathering schedules on a poster which would indicate all shoots for the day will be at their rain location.
  12. Crystal Ball 2014 complaints

    Yes, a different DJ this year and a different planner. I guess when I think of a "formal ball" with a "strict dress code" I would assume it would be exactly that, go re-watch Cinderella if you need a better picture. My sister has been with NU's BLAST team for 3+ years and has been teaching ballroom dancing for over a year. Last year she helped instruct, while things could have been organized better (one instruction time BEFORE the ball that's optional then just dancing, better location than the basement area but overall a step in the right direction from what she heard 2012 had been) she had fun with her partner. I was next to the ball the entire time and I'm glad my sister decided not to attend this year. Even inside the pods I could hear the bass and melody from the ball, and not a lot of “ballroom†dance music has a heavy bass beat going. Maybe take a look at what Chicago's "Summer Dance" program has been doing? There are more styles of "non slow" formal dance music, jazzy swing could even work. I'm not saying that it's a bad "dance", there should never be any other kind of song played, or no one enjoyed themselves, but it feels more like a prom than how it is advertised.
  13. Battlepods

    Not a problem at all, nice to hear from someone more "official" anyways. $150 for this year well spent.
  14. Battlepods

    They arrive on thursday afternoon for unloading and setup through the evening so they are ready to go on friday (doubt it will be any different from the last 3 years). I didn't go the forum M&G last year as I was helping them setup. I may be going around the convention and give out a few mission vouchers on saturday. EDIT: Just realized you ran the "lets form a stand alone complex" panel last year... If I see you in the podbay or around, count yourself as having a free mission. (extra cash from not dealing with a room)
  15. Battlepods

    Should be in the United room like the last 3 years (next to the rosemont ballroom in the Hyatt, behind and to the left of the big staircase). I'm guessing prices will be the same as other years, $5 per mission, $20 for 5 missions, $50 for 13 and $100 for between 28 and 30 (7 min missions). Sorry if I sounded upset Nick, I got the info from Ruben after he asked Jeff on my behalf and sending him and email directly. I didn't recognize Jeff's name (didn't click until ruben mentioned brocktoberfest), was more annoyed that ACen couldn't get the information directly. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, though this year I'll only be there on Saturday with my $100 ready for translocation.