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  1. Undertale Gathering!

    Heeeey guys! Only a few days left! And I did some last minute thinking and if anyone sees this - I will actual go either as Host!Mettaton or Toriel during the gathering, depending which one I finish first. But I will make a sign so you guys know who I am! Also another bit of news, I am down one co-host and down both co-host on one of the days aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  2. Undertale Gathering!

    Hey guys!! Con time is almost here and I've been slacking like CRAZY. I decided to take a little spin on Mettaton and turn him into a full blown host - attire and all! (maybe haha). Get hyped everyone I'm so excited to meet everyone in their cosplays - you guys are super nice :)
  3. Undertale Gathering!

    The both do not have a forum account here but Sans will be my friend and Human Sans will be my boyfriend, but things may change now actually since one of them seems like she would like to do something else! Great!! We all will be excited to meet you both :)
  4. Undertale Gathering!

    How exciting!! We all will be very excited to see both of you as well!
  5. Undertale Gathering!

    Oh! Thanks for the update regardless :) I think one of my friends did it without telling anyone so I'll ask or maybe a Mod? But that's great I'll be super excited to see you Friday! :D
  6. Undertale Gathering!

    Hey everyone! Soooo sorry for not replying for months (I have been checking up though), I've had exams taking over and am in the middle of applying for Nursing College. But thank you shadowhawk225, for sending in the request for the shoots! I wrote down a list of rules and will update my first post. Again I am extremely sorry I haven't been replying! ACen seemed so far away, but as it really approaches we can really get to business! My account has been acting pretty weird lately so I am not able to look at my PMs. But if anyone wants to contact me, you can add me on FB Majka Jule Victoria and message me that you're a part of the gathering :)/> I will be creating a itinerary for each day soon so keep a look out!
  7. Undertale Gathering!

    I'm thinking some little games if we can! But my co-host and I are still brainstorming :) a photoshoot for sure though!
  8. Undertale Gathering!

  9. Undertale Gathering!

    INTRODUCTION: Welcome everyone! As you can see this is a thread about the upcoming Undertale Gathering/Photoshoot for ACen 2016. All the needed information is in the text below within the break lines. I will be your host cosplaying as Mettaton (or if anything changes from now untill the con) and I had had two people ask me a while ago (around the time this thread was made) to be my co-hosts, but I will need to ask if they will be available to continue being co-hosts. The two co-hosts will be Sans and Human!Sans. My goal for this years ACen is to be half the entertainer and host has Mettaton is (lol), but mainly to keep the crowd hyped and under a reasonable amount of control whilst keeping the fun of the gathering and love of the game! Below are the dates & locations of each shoots (2 in total), Rules for the gathering, and an Itinerary. During each shoot the rules will be explained briefly before beginning the photoshoot. While my voice can be very loud, I am assuming it will still be drowned out by the crowd so hopefully I am able to bring a mic & speaker OR a decent sized megaphone (will be used sparingly - mainly for announcements and if the crowd starts fighting or something). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DATES AND LOCATIONS (HUGE THANKS TO shadowhawk225 FOR INFORMING US ABOUT SHOOT DATES) : Friday 5-6, Location 6 - Loading dock A7 Saturday 3-4, Location 4 - Loading dock A3 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RULES THUS FAR (Will be updated periodically): • NO BULLYING. This includes name calling, insults, threats, shaming, anything that you intend ill faith towards someone else. Anyone who chooses to break this rule will be KICKED OUT. I have no patience with this sort of behavior. I do not care if you do not like it, you can find a different gathering to join. •RESPECT. Please respect a person’s beliefs, likes/dislikes, personal space, belongings, and just respect each other as an individual. If there is anything you disagree with, take it upon yourself to look the other way. There will be many people and we as hosts cannot accommodate everyone as they would like, but to keep a smoothly run gathering we need everyone’s cooperation to be kind and respectful to one another. Disrespect includes unwarranted catcalling, any kind of bullying (see above), unwanted touching/grabbing/hugging (ask first!) etc. •KEEP THINGS PG-13. Save explicit adult content for another gathering that allows it, but we do not. No lewd or inappropriate poses or language while being photographed or observing those being photographed, this is a game made for all ages, and while the game may push boundaries with darker content, but it will never go as far as showing blatant intercourse or foreplay scenes. Keep this as PG13 as possible. I will issue a warning and if fails you shall be kicked out of the gathering. •KEEP YOURSELF UNDER CONTROL. Do not go crazy and start blocking off walkways (if possible), keep your voices at a reasonable roar because you will need to be able to hear us (your hosts). No pushing or shoving etc. •BEING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANY SUBSTANCE IS NOT ALLOWED. You can have fun your own way at a different time and location, just not with us. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ITINERARY: TBA
  10. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    Hey guys! I was cosplaying police Cry (youtube game commentor) from the co op he had with pewdiepie in the game Cry of Fear. Fanart was made for the video of Cry and Pewdie as police and my friend and I cosplayed it lol. We didnt take much pics of ourselves but if you have any of mr or her (police pewdie) please put it up to show me! Itd be much appreciated!
  11. Hetalia, Hetalia, Hetalia! 2013

    That maybe so. I am so sorry for what happened to you. I was just saying in general so long as people do not act offensive. I am not saying either side was not being offensive and/or rude (even though I did not see it, I'm just making a point). My post was to everyone in general. I was not singling anyone out. This is meant to be fun, not bring up hurtful pasts. Everyone, if you want to enjoy each others company and have a wonderful gathering, then make it so instead of raising tension and drama. There are just some things not worth bringing up, and not worth the aggravation of fighting over. If everyone is kind and considerate to each other I see no problem. And what cactusmomma said, as long as you're not ACTING like Hitler or Nazi then everything should be fine. But what's done is done concerning this topic. Let's drop the subject and start something else... So..how about them cosplays for 2013? :'3
  12. What's the last thing you ate?

    I had sunny side up and scrambled eggs with rice and orange juice :'3 I would love pancakes though...
  13. Hetalia, Hetalia, Hetalia! 2013

    Someone give this person an award. You have won the Internet :'3
  14. Hetalia, Hetalia, Hetalia! 2013

    To Everyone as a note: I can understand not wanting offensive signs, but it is not as if the action of the cosplayer is offensive so everything should not be taken so seriously. This is role playing for pete sakes--I do not know about everyone else, but I will not put bread on the table and pay my taxes with cosplay. There are more productive things to do than argue over the past now. This is now, not then. Let's look forward for the future and strive to make the next meet with as less problems as possible. I am sure we can do it! So let's not try to raise any tension here because this is meant to be fun. :< Everyone has different views. Everyone has different opinions. But the matter of fact right now is that arguing over the internet is CHILDISH. Everyone here is not in elementary school. We are all adults. Act like it. to cosplay love monster, I'll be looking forward to your cosplay :3 I'm sure it will look stunning!
  15. Hetalia, Hetalia, Hetalia! 2013

    Everyone this is no place to be fighting. Honestly.