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  1. I'm back!!!

    I AM HERE!
  2. Roommates wanted

    This topic is locked just in case. Kasin can contact me personally if the topic needs to be re-open because the offer still stands. Thanks ^^
  3. Question in regard to ADA for my mom

    As someone who uses the special needs department every year and knows the DH personally, I can vouch that there is one and the two locations Rori mentioned are correct ^^ There is one right by where the Soap Bubble and Synergy usually go on in a small room. Staffers will be sitting at a table with the doors open. The DH, KnitChick usually wears her Ghostbusters jumpsuit. The second location is in the con center by registration that will say "Special Needs" or something similar like that (I forgot) above the booth. So you can't miss it. I've gone to both places to pick up my special needs/ADA badge so I can verify this. I'm not sure if they will allow you to pick it up for her, but they tend to keep open fairly late. I think they will require her to at least have a convention badge and some form of I.D. I've never needed to provide medical documents (but then again the DH knows me personally and about my condition). They also usually have you fill out some forms. You can always contact their department for more information. Their email is listed in the link below. You could always try to get something arranged prior to con where they know you are picking it up for her, etc. Click here for the link to the official website page with special needs information.
  4. Sword Art Online

    It's outside, but there is a back-up location in case of rain. The location for the shoot is the Loading Docks (pictured below, photo courtesy of CactusMomma) The loading docks are located right across the street from the entrance to the Hyatt. The back-up location in case of rain is the con center lobby (pictured below) which is located inside the convention center. It's right before the dealers/artist alley area. (Photo also courtesy of CactusMomma) Also this I confirmed these with Guidebook and with photoshoot gathering staff ^^ Hope this helps!
  5. Countdown to ACen 2015

    Thursday - 4 days Friday - 5 days ITS COMING SO QUICK. I need this vacation x__x And I know what you mean about working efficiently Lust. This week is just going to be me daydreaming & thinking about ACen. I'll probably be spaced out most of the week just waiting for Friday to come.
  6. Hyatt room available

    Please let me know if this was taken or not, because if so I will close the thread so others know the offer isn't available anymore. Thank you! ^^
  7. Hi there, staying at the Hyatt Regency

    Thanks for the heads up, your post is fine. I moved your other topic about rooming information to the room-mate zone thread. I would edit your topic there about pricing, etc. Also be sure to take a look at this topic that explains the rules of posting in the room-mate zone thread and gives you helpful tips on what to post about and what is & isn't allowed. I would edit your post you made to mention how much it would directly cost someone to room with you. Such as "this is the price if we have 3 people in the room" and "this is the price if we end up getting 4" It'll make people more willing to come to you. People will probably ask you for a direct price rather than doing the math of splitting the total 3 or 4 ways. Rooming at the Hyatt is a whole different experience, you feel more involved with what's going on and it's really convenient walking & event wise. You're going to love it. As long as you booked the right Hyatt, which is Hyatt Regency O'Hare. Because I believe there is another Hyatt a few miles away. Also, welcome to the forums! We hope you enjoy your stay and have an even more awesome ACen than the last! ^^ If you ever need help with anything feel free to talk to one of us moderators.
  8. Countdown to ACen 2015

    8 days till ACen Friday everyone, I repeat, 8 DAYS! Everyone can commence panicking after tomorrow hits since after tomorrow it'll be a week away! The adrenaline has already set in for me, has it really hit any of you guys yet or no? And what do you have left to do before con? Anything?
  9. Guidebook

    LOL! I noticed that too oddly enough. Yeah there's more than one thing with the wrong time listed, such as the Bible Black video screening too I noticed (since it's listed for Sunday afternoon at 12:50pm and should be Saturday night 12:50AM since it's an 18+ screening) I think they just mixed up their AM's & PM's for a few things. So no, Soap Bubble doesn't run that late. They meant to put 4:30AM instead of PM. I'll see if I can get in contact with someone and let them know about these. Though they might just figure it out themselves as they keep updating the guide.
  10. Guidebook now available!

    Once again, ACen is bringing back the Guidebook app! If you've never used Guidebook before, just think of it as a nifty all-in-one guide to Anime Central accessible from your phone at any time! Improve your experience by taking the schedule, maps, Twitter updates and more with you on your phone or mobile device. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and web-enabled devices, completely free. With this powerful app you can share photos, build schedules, and create to-do lists to help maximize your ACen experience! That and keep organized and send reminders for events you might be looking to attend. My ACen contains your notes, messaging, and to-do list for the convention. Social and entertainment is where you will find our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Newsletter, and Website links. Our feedback module lets you leave notes on events, staff, or activities at ACen to help us improve where needed and give kudos to those who went above and beyond whether they are our staff or hotel/convention center staff. (this will be enabled at the event) Search for Guidebook on your phone's app store and download it, then in the app search for the guide Anime Central 2015, download it, and you are done! Make sure you check for updates daily and refresh the guidebook so your mobile app is always up to date! Updates will keep being made up until the con and during the convention. Your ACen team is working hard to get details out as quickly as they can, so please don't worry if you don't see something on the schedule yet such as a gathering, autograph session, or details listed for certain panels, etc. They are being worked on. Guidebook is the best way to have current up to date information on things going on during con too, whether it's cancellations, time changes, area changes, etc! So be sure to download it if you've got a compatible device ^^ If you have any questions about the Guidebook app or notice errors please visit/post in this thread
  11. Room for 1 more at the Doubletree

    Don't worry, I fixed the typo in your topic title ^^ Be careful about posting your phone number on a public forum as it can get you spammed with a lot of unwanted calls.
  12. Guidebook

    Anime Central's Guidebook is now released, please keep in mind that they will probably keep making changes/updates to it until con and sometimes even during con. You can find it by downloading the Guidebook application on your phone, then search for Anime Central 2015 and download the guide. For more information visit this link
  13. Countdown to ACen 2015

    Days left until con (not counting today) Thursday - 12 days Friday - 13 days I'M READY BUT NOT READY. ITS GETTING SO CLOSE! There's still so much more to do before con! @___@
  14. Looking for 2 Roommates at the Hyatt

    Topic is now re-open because room space is available again.
  15. Ouran High School Host Club

    Have you tried asking on either of the Anime Central Facebook pages? Anime Central and ACen? You might find a lot better luck there. It's how I found some extra panelists for a panel I'm running. Also, I know two guys who have cosplayed Hikaru & Kaoru for many years now. They have a Facebook page and are actually real life twins and usually attend Anime Central every year. You could always ask the Kaoru if he would like to take part in your panel. Here is their Facebook page, click here Otherwise I'd definitely make a post on both Anime Central groups mentioning that you are looking for panelists/other Ouran cosplayers to take part in your panel. Best of luck!