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  1. Blaz Blue 2013

    remember now guys, we can hang out for the fighters friday thing at 3:30, and then hang out again at 5 later that day. and if you arent excited, get excited, or this nu may have to throw you into the boundary! xD
  2. Umineko/Higurashi 2013

    ...you mean we cant use your cape?
  3. Umineko/Higurashi 2013

    SUP NII-NII. so i realized that this shoot is RIIIIIGHT after one im probably gonna be at. i mean, i can attempt to wear part of satoko underneath it and literally change on sight since its pretty much the same location (and just have a bag there for wigs and to get rid of my clothes...) so... about this...
  4. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    soooooo i fiiiiinally finished my yukiko cosplay i started in early january. im super excited to see you guys since you all seem so lively and fun~ im really aiming to go to atleast one of the meetups, namely the midnight one if i possibly can. x3
  5. Umineko/Higurashi 2013

    okku aint just a bird no more, nope nope. shoot. im leaving before anyone notices i was actually reading this thread.
  6. *GASP* YES. DO THIS. AS NU, I WILL PROBABLY LISTEN TO YOU IF I RUN INTO YOU! and because its terumi, i feel the need to help you. looking into a cloak pattern on google or buying one would be your best bet im thinking. just make sure it has a hood, obviously. heres one possible way to do it, even though it doesnt have pictures. http://www.ehow.com/how_6519262_make-hooded-cloak-sleeves.html but yeah, a cloak pattern is probably a good start. hell, you can probably look into jedi or harry potter robes.
  7. Blaz Blue 2013

    ughhh im ao exciiiiiited for all of this! i super cant wait to see everyone man, i really would love if there were any other murakumo units, especially izayoi or battle nu... eeeeeek. a ragna would be so cool too. i just... i love this game way too much and i have soooo much fun with cosplayers from this serious... theyre always super nice... excuse me now, im still not done smelting, and i gotta finish up parts of my cosplay~
  8. Blaz Blue 2013

    yup! maybe we can find you a celica to be besties with. :3 as nu, i dont think hazama would be suuuuuper okay with me beating him up. but maybe if you have a cat with you, we would leave you alone. phase/chrono phantasma terumi would be soooo coool, buuut i dont anticipate the latter of the two. ^^
  9. Blaz Blue 2013

    you have all of my yes-s for doing one of the phase characters. just... stay away from that hazama guy... xD
  10. Applying Text to Objects

    oh! actually, if you really wanted, you could like, just get a good image of what youre trying to transfer, ie, the words and background color. then, print it on maybe something like glossy photo paper and put that over the whole side of the headphone so itll look shiny like plastic? or, print it on something else and use a lamination sheet to get the same effect?
  11. Blaz Blue 2013

    seeing as how there hasnt been any word either for or against anything, i think we should just get the spot secured. i dont think its gonna interfere with anything im doing, so i can definately be a nu-13/saya/rachel or whatever else i get done for this. nu is my first choice, and its gonna be so cool when actually done, dont you agree hazama?
  12. goin with juuuunk! xD
  13. Blaz Blue 2013

    aaaaaaanyone have any other suggestions?
  14. Blaz Blue 2013

    my vote is for somewhere outside. xD i really cant say where, but im also voting on afternoon (like, oh say, saturday...) but thats just me. (and.. so excited, working on nu~)
  15. Blaz Blue 2013