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  1. Fairy Tail

    Since we're getting closer to the con, I was wondering if we had any new people joining the shoot? I know hardly anyone posts on the forums anymore but I was still curious. I'm going as Juvia!
  2. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2015

    Hello, all. It's been a few years since I've been to a SMT shoot, but I'll be bringing Yukiko back again this year after a few adjustments. The forums are so dead at this time lol. But I expect the gathering will be big again.
  3. Supernatural 2014

    True. That was unfortunate. Missed the Doctor Who shoot :C But had so much fun that I don't even mind lol. I'm not sure who to pick for next year...maybe s10 will have some good options. I really want to work on a crazy difficult prop--maybe wings or a weapon or crazy makeup. I love the angels best but...they hardly ever last. I was sooo happy to see such a good representation this year!
  4. Sherlock 2014/BBC General

    Sorry it's a bit disorganized (I'm a disorganized person) but I have some shots from the Sherlock shoot in here if anyone wants to tag themselves!
  5. Supernatural 2014

    Got a nice front spot this year. And a nicer camera than last year! I had so much fun at the shoot--probably my favorite part of ACen. How can you not have a blast with a bunch of people who share the same fandom obsession as you? I loved all the costumes, so much great work put into the characters. I did notice the shoot was a bit smaller this year, and it wasn't the only one. Curious as to why. :o Will you be there next year? Considering how many Castiels there were, I'm thinking of broadening the cast by picking a more minor character. XD
  6. Supernatural 2014

    Here are my pictures of the weekend, including a TON from the shoot. Feel free to tag yourself, chat, or wail in agony over the season finale.
  7. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    I mostly took photos of the Supernatural, Sherlock, and Welcome to Night Vale shoots. But I have a handful of singles shots in here too! Feel free to tag and chat--I was Abaddon with the neck stitches and grey dress, Amy Pond, and Castiel. On Facebook
  8. Everyone ready?

    I am so not ready. I have one last costume to finish. But I have a job interview today and ugh no timeeee. I also need to pack but I made a very detailed list so I won't forget anything. If anyone is interested, I used this as an idea starter and made an Excel spreadsheet. For those like me, that wait until the last minute. ;)
  9. Cosplay and Glasses

    I've done the thing. I used to watch so much anime that it became habit and I didn't know I was doing it until someone pointed it out. Then, of course, I started doing it on purpose but only to rude people. It's one of my favorite anime quirks and I swear every glasses-wearing character does it. I've never been to Japan, but honestly I wonder if it's a thing. Aw, thank you. :) I needed to hear that. I have also witnessed some terrible attitudes in the cosplay community and it upsets me so much. I feel a great deal of us in the "nerd community" have been harassed or bullied already, and I would like to think we become stronger and move beyond that kind of behavior instead of dealing an eye for an eye. My first year at ACen I was fifteen, my friend was cosplaying as Witch Hunter Robin, and someone much older, in their late thirties perhaps, criticized her pendant for not being accurate enough. She felt horrible--after all we work so hard on our costumes that comments like that really hits you hard. I've been cosplaying for ten years now, and I always treat cosplayers with respect and make sure to compliment them on a job well done. It's impossible to be perfectly accurate, especially considering the body types of some characters. I think it's something a lot of people forget.
  10. Cosplay and Glasses

    Good to know I'm not the only blind one. Majority of my friends only need their glasses for certain occasions. I've contemplated surgery, but honestly it scares the hell out of me. Been cosplaying since I was fourteen, and I'm still going strong--only two characters I've dressed as actually wore glasses. I like the reading glasses idea though ;) Might try that, or claim I'm a character from an AU.
  11. Cosplay and Glasses

    So I thought I'd start this topic since it's an issue that comes up every year. Cosplaying with glasses. What's everyone's opinion? Personally, I have horrible eyesight and I have two choices at a convention, either suck it up and wear the glasses and take them off for pictures, or go blind and have someone walk with me. It's kind of embarrassing and I feel like I'm not fully portraying the character, but I'm kind of limited on choices. I've tried contacts but I couldn't get them in properly. I know some people wear glasses at the con 24/7, even in pictures, or forget to take them off (I've done that once or twice). Do you think it's a cosplay faux pas? Doesn't bother you, no opinion?
  12. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    If I can't remember a character (and it drives me crazy sometimes) I usually just ask for a picture and say that the character looks familiar, or if I don't know I just ask outright. I've never had anyone look offended. Once I accidentally confused two people on the forums that were going to a photoshoot, and I called him by the wrong username. I was so mortified I felt awful. As far as being mistaken for another character, it happened multiple times when I was cosplaying as a character from Trinity Blood, I was Esther and constantly mistaken for Rosette from Chrono Crusade or Astha and mistaken for Sailor Moon. That last one really threw me for a loop, since the characters look nothing alike and I even had her giant spear. I didn't take it personally though, just smiled and gave my friend a look.
  13. Supernatural 2014

    Villain faceoff! This seriously needs to happen. Also, I really love that shirt. I just have to be careful where I wear it in the Bible Belt. It's really hard to discuss Supernatural around people who don't watch it. "Man, I really feel sorry for Lucifer." "Angels are such manparts" and in general...pentagrams or anything theme related printed on anything worn in public. Pentagrams being different from inverted pentagrams...though everyone associates it with witchcraft anyway. It's like that time I almost got in trouble in school for wearing Flammel's cross. I am going to kidnap you so we can do a Charlie & Cas shoot. :) We need a Dean, though. To complete the nerd troupe.
  14. Supernatural 2014

    Oh man! It's so cloooooose now!! I really hope our gathering is bigger than the thread. I'm thinking it will be, since last years was huge. I'll be Abaddon in her grey dress Friday at some point, and the "biker" outfit Saturday morning, then Cas for the shoot. So if anyone wants to hang for an unofficial shoot--just take some battle shots or whatever, which day works better? I can shoot off my phone number to anyone that wants to get together in PM. I've got a nicer camera this time I've been hoping to use ;D No props this year though, except my badge for Cas. And I really hope I don't get pulled aside for that while flying in. Any progress pics? I have my outfits all completed, mostly. Just need to hem the dress for Abby, splash it with blood and finish the wig. I need to restyle Cas...not sure how well he'll hold up in my luggage.
  15. Supernatural 2014

    I'm so excited! I know our shoot is Saturday, but if anyone wants to hang out and chat or do some fan shots, come hang with me! I'll be Abaddon in her grey dress Friday, and her regular clothes Saturday morning, then Cas all afternoon. I had more fun on the Friday unofficial shoot than the official one, which was just a little to fast-paced and I didn't get to know anyone that well.