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  1. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Overwatch and The Division have thoroughly consumed my life.
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just started Dragon Age Inquisition today myself. Hopefully it will last me a long time as well. Was going to get Shadow or Mordor but went with Dragon Age on sale. WOOOOO!
  3. How do you eat...?

    You monster
  4. How do you eat...?

    Real talk. I say peel something that's supposed to be peeled!
  5. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    The best motivation comes from within. You have to want it to make it happen. Remember why you want to make a change. If it's truly important to you, you'll find a way to stay on track.
  6. How do you eat...?

    Deep down, I am incredibly disturbed by people that bite the end of a string cheese stick. TRAVESTY!!
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Played lots of Diablo 3 as of late. Finally got my Platinum Trophy for it too! Now it can be laid to rest... for now.
  8. Tourism Ideas?

    Eat Chicago pizza! Piece in Wicker Park is popular and Lou Malnati's of course.
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Busted out Dragon Age: Origins as of late. Oh the memories of playing this name so much!
  10. The Last of Us Discussion

    I've yet to buy the DLC. Most of the time I can't pull myself to get any DLC really. Of course I want to play it but in my mind I think "I can get a full game for about the same price instead of some additional content".... maybe one day.
  11. The Last of Us Discussion

    I loved this game. Sure post-apocalypse stories aren't the most original thing, but boy did The Last of Us pull it off wonderfully. It captured the emotional aspect of storytelling well and you can't help but care for each character introduced. As soon as I finished the game, I had to play it again... 3 more times in fact. It got better with each playthrough!
  12. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    I foresee using Kings (or another bar) again. The sheer convenience of having it in the Hyatt was awesome but a loud room party AND ruckus in the hallway quickly lead to the party shutdown.
  13. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2014

    This was my first cosplay photo shoot I've been in. Wish I had been there for the midnight one but I was at the burlesque show. Anyway, here is my ACen album (Persona photos are at the end). Didn't get other Naotos since I was taking part in the fun!
  14. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2014

    I too am excited for this... and all that ACen has to offer also!
  15. Obligatory ACen weather freak out post

    This looks great so far Looks like I won't be sweating like crazy in cosplay! Hopefully no surprise rain storms during ACen. Definitely got rained on before...