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  1. I'm back!!!

    Hi Nina! I'm doing good how are you doing? Are you excited for ACen?
  2. I'm back!!!

    They all left me. I'm so lonely. D:
  3. I'm back!!!

    Oh almost forgot this page existed! It's been a minute since I've been here. Where have all my friends gone?? C u all @ ACen lol
  4. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet 2016

    Whhaaaaat totally forgot about this place until Junk made mention of this. CRAY!
  5. AMV submission

    I realize the submission is today but I emailed the account listed on the rules page and have been waiting for a response to access to the FTP for submission. Just trying to see if there is any way I can get access to it or if I can just somehow submit the video via my own storage link worst case. Thanks.
  6. Tiny Chat :3

  7. The storm of June 12-13, 2013

    I preordered my storm tickets a long time ago. I got front row seats.
  8. Nintendo goes after Lets Plays on YouTube

    I think it's fine that a company would chose to prevent monetization on playthroughs of their product. It has always been in the terms of YouTube that extended video of any film/game/song can be ineligible for ad revenue. However, to prevent the video from being viewed completely would be a disservice IMO to that product. LPs raise interest and conversation about games which might not otherwise be made since YT hits a much wider audience. There have been several LPs that have even gotten me interested in specific titles I might not have otherwise looked at. As a content producer for YT myself, I have to be careful what I put into videos which may cause them to not be eligible for monetization. >.<

    They really emphasized that whole sports thing. While that is a cool aspect in itself, I think that to people it didn't feel like a gaming console anymore. I'm super curious as to how that whole NFL contract thing plays out with international versions of the system seeing as how that seems to be a major deal between the NFL and Microsoft. The rest of the world is just like dafuq???
  10. Happy Birthday HiroEcks~!

    What a good birthday week. First ACen and now my senior prom coming up this Friday. Thanks everyone!
  11. XBOX ONE

    Did you see those dog graphics??
  12. XBOX ONE

    lol CoD
  13. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    Problem is MOST of the places close at midnight on weekdays with the exception of Gilas. At Shoeless Joe's the are a 4AM bar regardless of day of the week. Only drawback was it's distance seemed to be a problem for a lot of the folks wanting to come out. In any case, I'm pleased with how everything went. I got to meet a bunch of new faces and even some from previous years. If I didn't get to you and say "hi" that just means we have to meet up again next year!
  14. Parties?

    Secret handshake is pretty much on point.