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  1. DOCTOR>>>>WHO! + BBC General

    So cute! Wish I had thought of it myself. If I can get my fiance to come with me (he's never been to a con, I'd love to twin with you if you'd be interested. It's such a cute idea, and I'm all envious : )
  2. Not at all. He was also being extremely forward with me after I told him I wasn't interested, and even had a guy intervene. Still doesn't make me feel any better about it. And it was around 6am that he was taken away. A few of us that had left the party and had been sitting outside the main entrance saw it. I dunno. I also believe that more reinforcement of checking IDs needs to happen. I'm pretty sure there was at least one person underage that had come and gone while people weren't checking IDs. It was really fun, but I think that I'd be more comfortable knowing that there are only 21+ people and those who start exhibiting crude/inappropriate/overly intoxicated behavior need to be removed from the party next year so that we can all enjoy ourselves comfortably. In addition to "Fat Man", there was another person who grabbed me from behind which I did not appreciate. I felt somewhat uncomfortable for a portion of the party. Other than the two incidents, everyone was lovely and I had a great time. Hopefully next year I'll be at a closer hotel so I don't have to worry about getting back!
  3. He called himself "Fat Man". Wore a bright orange shirt, heavy set. His gf had just dumped him. I feel responsible because I invited him, but there's no reason to ever drink that much : ( I wondered if he was okay.
  4. It was after the party disbanded. But not long after. I went outside and saw him being taken away in an ambulance. But he had been at the party prior, and had quite a bit to drink. : \
  5. Well, strange in the fact that one of the party goers had been a little down on himself that night, and wound up being taken to a hospital in an ambulance : ( Everyone there was lovely though. Especially the guy who let me eat his pizza crust, despite offering me a whole slice. But dammit, I only wanted the crust. That and it took a couple days for Ashley's name to be scrubbed off my arm and boobs, which I had forgotten about until the next day. Haha : )
  6. Hi! I'm Whitney! You were a pretty rad chick. Although that party became very strange after a while. You were a super sweet lady! : )
  7. Lolitas 2011

    Thank you! I was thinking about doing something similar with a rope screen print along the hem but I think I'm just too simple for that.An anchor on the tie would be perfect though!
  8. Lolitas 2011

    Aw! I think you'll be able to make something cute. I think you should bring an anchor and I'll bring a life saver! Perfect accessories : P You're adorable btw (If that's you in your icon)! We'll make an adorable team!
  9. Lolitas 2011

    I guess that wasn't a good choice of words. Maybe...a little bit too overdone for spring? But even in standard fashion nautical is always in. And I love it! So a black and white dress? I was thinking of a black skirt/white top. I can't wait to see yours finished! What are you doing for accessories? I'm trying to find a cute little sailor hat to wear but I'm having terrible luck!
  10. Lolitas 2011

    Yay! I feel in a way it's a bit cliche to do sailor styled lolita, but it's perfect for spring and so cute. I was thinking of just doing a simple black/white or white/navy coordinate. How about you? : )
  11. Lolitas 2011

    I was thinking about doing a sailor themed outfit too! It'd be fun to have a twin!
  12. Trigun 2011

    Interesting, but hopefully entertaining!
  13. Trigun 2011

    My friend just decided to do Millie so I'm going to be her Meryl! We're super excited and will be at the photo shoot for sure : )
  14. I need help... AGAIN. ; n ;

    I was trying to break down the elements....The design is extremely complicated but I think I may have figured something out? PM me and I'll scan in/explain what I think may work for you : )
  15. Lolitas 2011

    That's a great spot! I think for the timing (I saw the post on the LJ) that a meet-up/swap/photoshoot may be a better option than a picnic that may be more time consuming and take away from the rest of the Sunday activities that people may want to do. (I haven't gone in forever but I remember leaving the hotels and what not by 2/3 usually). I may still bring cupcakes though for us all because it's just an extra special treat : )