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  1. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    If it is all weekend then I totally want to stop by Sat evening!
  2. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh Yaoi

    No problem and thank you I'm glad my description grabbed your attention XD. I'll have to check the anime it out, I always love getting new BL recommendations!
  3. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh Yaoi

    I feel like most 18+ panels fill up pretty fast so try and get to the DDM panel at least 15- 30 minutes ahead of time. If you know where both panel rooms are ahead of time it doesn't take that long to get around, 5 minutes tops. I won't be mentioning Dramatical Murder in my panel (I just looked it up after I read your post) so check them out! Show off your cosplay! We got a bigger room this year so there might be space left if you want to pop in and see whats up. If not don't sweat it. We'll most likely be doing the panel again next year. Hope you have a blast at your first ACen!
  4. What are you listening to?

    Lips Like Sugar by Echo and the Bunnymen!
  5. What are you looking for this year at ACen?

    A Yoko Kurama action figure. That is my main goal. And the rest of the Teahouse chapters now that I know they are going to be at ACen.
  6. The Word Game!

  7. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh Yaoi

    Thank you! I try XD
  8. Hello all fujoshi and fudanshi!!! Do you love gay love? Have you ever thought that an anime would be 100% better if the two male leads would just admit their feelings for each other? Are all your OTPs dudes? Do you read about, look at or watch two dudes having sex frequently? Do you no longer question where the bed came from or self lubricating buttholes? Do you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that? If you answered yes to any of these questions please join us for Stroke, Squish, Nnnn, Thrust, Ahhh Yaoi: The Second Coming! We have trivia and prizes and a love for yaoi that borders on obsession cause we're awesome like that!
  9. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh is 18+

    Yessss! Come! We have buttons and trivia and prizes and all sorts of fun stuff!
  10. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh is 18+

    Please do! I promise it'll be a blast!
  11. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh is 18+

    The problem has been solved! Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh is 18+

    Ok. I've sent out another email. Thank you!
  13. Stroke Squish Nnnn Thrust Ahhh is 18+

    I saw that and my panel is still not marked 18+ Its Friday at 11:15 in panel room 12.
  14. Hi I just wanted to express my concern over the fact that my yaoi panel is not marked 18+. I have already sent an email out to panelprogramming [ at ] ACen.org but I have yet to receive a response. Should I be expecting one? I realize you're busy so thank you for your time.