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  1. RWBY 2015

    In news of monty I think we should all bring rose petals if possable and spread them and have a group picture and then send it to rooster teeth. i'll bring some myself and I'll clean up afterwards to but i really think this will be a great way to show out love for the show.
  2. Attack on Titan

    I'm thinking about going a Titan Anne...Let's see how this plays out
  3. RWBY 2014

    I know a friend who is doing Ruby. I am doing Adam and I have two other friends being genderbent Blake and Blake
  4. Facebook!

    rokakurumi/facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fire-Vixen-Cosplay/536972462991147
  5. Photo Request Thread 2013!

    Hi,, I was Kneesocks with my dear sister Scanty on friday! (from panty and stocking with garterbelt) I was Nevan from devil may cry at the photoshoot! I really need pictures of that please and thanks you. Nevan was grey/blue ish skin with red hair with a black waist cover and no top. Thanks!

    Is this place still open we have 4 people
  7. Long blong wig w/ bangs

    Hello, I need a long blond wig for a Deidara cosplay. Anyone know a good place in Chicago to get it? here's a pic of the what i need it to look kinda like. I know I have to style it.

    I'll be coming as Nevea
  9. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    I'll be here Friday as an Akatsuki member
  10. Naruto Gathering For 2013

    What days are you doing this I have a cosplay for this group but I havr other cosplays to do as well.
  11. Does anyone recycle?

    I was wondering if anyone recycles left over cosplays parts or even old cosplays? If so, what do you do to recycle them?
  12. Claymore Cosplay

    I want to make a claymore cosplay but I'm having trouble finding tutorials on the armor for the shoulders, the sword and boots. Can anyone help? here are reference pics http://mydisguises.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/the_yoma_killer_by_godsavethequeenfashi-d4po5sg.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_az-r16syqyo/TAc8POyBJ1I/AAAAAAAAFUM/Yv13q_6B9S4/s1600/claymore.jpg the boots seem easy enough it's really just a reinforced heel and toe but, I'm not sure if I can use craft foam ( I was having a hard time doing it that way) or expanding foam.
  13. Pokemon

    So for people who don't know or who are interested it's a group of people attempting to fill a pokedex for ACen 2014. Info on this is on a facebook page I just wanted to help support https://www.facebook.com/groups/437543669611044/
  14. Musical Guest Uverworld

    So we should try and get Uverworld to come and play at ACen.
  15. Bleach

    I think i will bring back Halibel.