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  1. 2016 Guest Feedback

    I dunno if I'd call having internet folks careers not established? I didn't say anything about Cosfamous folks but I'm not too big on bringing them in just because they're like everybody else ... they cosplay. and that's it? The thing about the people I listed (just as an example) is that they're entertainers, they generate content related to what the convention is about, Anime, manga, gaming etc... some of them make profit off of that content and some of them do it because they really enjoy entertaining people with their content. I don't know if Japanese Guests should be full focus but a balance of English and Japanese guests is fine in all honesty. I'd love to see more Japanese guests but I also don't want to leave out the english guests too because there are talented people on both sides of the spectrum that fans would love to see. And the fact that this year's line up was so bare bones is disheartening.
  2. Final Fantasy 2017

    Bre here! Friend of Pika. We were both walking around together (as Tidus (X) and Seven (Type-0) saturday as FF peeps and it really bummed us both out a bit that there was no saturday gathering, considering Saturday is the larger day. But stuff happens and that's okay. So yes let's plan for next year. I'll be bringing back Tidus of course!
  3. 2016 Guest Feedback

    I know that the head of Guest relations has a certain view on " internet celebs" but honestly those people do generate a crowd when they appear on a guest list for conventions. Yes this is an Anime convention, but lots of internet guests are into or have done things related to anime. Team Four Star, The Super Best Friends, Little Kuriboh, Doug Walker, just to name a few people. My gripes basically all reflect most of what was mentioned above. Lots of Djs that are meh, caters to those that like to dance sure. And a small handful of new upcoming VAs from a show that's sort of popular? And a musical guest that is cool, I've watched Kill La Kill and enjoyed the music, and meeting Erica Mendez made my little sister happy. But it was small pickings. A con this big really should have a more more variety of a list.
  4. Evangelion 2016

    Looking forward to seeing you too!
  5. Evangelion 2016

    hey there folks. DOn't forget to share and confirm your attendance on the facebook event page. There's a fun little poll I put together to share what everyone will be cosplaying as. https://www.facebook.com/events/1696344383952880/
  6. The term "weeaboo"

    "Don't talk crap about Attack on Titan weh"
  7. 2015 Guest Feedback

    we're fully aware, it was more so we're commenting on lukage's statement about how all of the feedback for 2015 is basically the same feedback for 2016
  8. 2015 Guest Feedback

    Pretty much. It's just so weird and heavily disheartening that there is so little staff contact here. People aren't getting questions answered for important things even when their emails are sent months prior. The guest list is so bare bones, and chock full of DJs. What the heck is going on this year? Is there some internal discourse within the con staff that's caused all this? If so, guys you gotta get it together or else people will drift away from ACen.
  9. Dropped Room

    So I dropped my Aloft room, so there should be a two Queen available for Friday through Sunday if anyone wants to grab it. Cheers friends. I posted this in the wrong section. If the mods wanna move it please do. I am a goober
  10. 2016 Guests?

    i cry
  11. Dat 2016 Room Block

    It's the 26th and it appears the hyatt still has yet to charge my card :/ and this is concerning me. Kinda need them to take it out now so that it' doesn't mess me up
  12. My Little Pony 2016

    It's been confirmed. My cousin will be attending as Pinkie Pie
  13. Evangelion 2016

    Hey there nerds, I created a facebook group! Please join and spread the word https://www.facebook.com/events/1696344383952880/
  14. Room at the ALOFT

    it is please send me an email
  15. shin megami tensei gathering

    invited a ton of folks