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  1. I Am Sick :(

    I had a cold during all of the convention. I did my best to ignore it. Once I got back home I felt awful because I could actually allow myself to be sick. I am feeling better now and just have a lingering cough. It really helped that I had today off from work and could just rest. It sucked having to work yesterday while I had a cold and had just gotten back from the convention late the night before. I usually get sick right after a convention. There are so many people and so many germs floating around everywhere. It is hard to stay healthy.
  2. Doctor Who Season 6

    Had to wait until I got home to watch the new episode. There was no way I was going to spend $13 a day on wifi at the Intercontinental hotel. Couldn't even get it for free in the lobby. The episode was good but I don't want to have to wait two weeks for the continuation.
  3. Doctor Who 2011

    Didn't take pictures at the photoshoots but I did take some pictures of Doctor Who people from around the convention. Everyone looked awesome. Here is the link to my ACen 2011 facebook album.
  4. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    I wasn't at the photoshoot on Friday because I was in a different costume. I was really late to the photoshoot on Saturday and only made it into the Shinigami picture. I was with a big group of Kuroshitsuji cosplayers looking for the photoshoot. We all met up along the way to the photoshoot. Was really sad that I missed the majority of it. I'm definitely bringing Grell along again next year and will not miss the photoshoot again like I did this year. I did take pictures around the convention. I didn't take a lot of pictures but there are Kuroshitsuji pictures in my ACen 2011 album.
  5. ACen 2011 Pictures

    I didn't take a ton of pictures this year. Here is what I have.
  6. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    I was dressed up as one of many Grells from Kuroshitsuji. So if anyone can post some Grell pictures that would be much appreciated.
  7. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    All the Kuroshitsuji people I saw looked awesome. Great job everyone. My chainsaw didn't quite survive the train trip to the con but thankfully I had brought my hot glue gun. Unfortunately the chainsaw did not look as good as it had at home. I had a great time at the con and loved being dressed up as Grell.
  8. Rude anime fans

    I have been hugged at conventions plenty of times but I think last year was the first time I was ever truly glomped. The guy just about broke my back. I was swinging throughout the air and couldn't breathe at all. It took awhile for him to put me down and my boyfriend was right there. My boyfriend said I needed to learn the hard way because he had outright declined for the guy to glomp him. I don't think though that it is very good if a guy that is more than twice my size makes it so I can't breathe and can't get away if I want to. I don't know if that was exactly rude, but it was something I definitely did not like. I don't mind hugging people at conventions if they ask first. I am not going to like it if a stranger runs up and hugs me without even asking first. I get weirded out when this happens.
  9. Doctor Who Season 6

  10. Cosplay Progress

    I am 99.9% done with my Grell costume. I have everything set except for the teeth. The veneers I got are not holding very well so I just need to get some denture adhesive to hold them in place. Other than that I am completely finished and just in time too. Wasn't sure everything was going to be ready on time. Now I just hope that everything (especially my chainsaw prop) survives the train ride tomorrow morning.
  11. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    Just finished Grell costume!!! Well I still need to get one more thing. Fake teeth aren't staying in super well so I am going to get some denture adhesive for it tonight. That is not a big thing though. Feels nice to be done. Can't wait to try on everything together later on today and then wear it for real at the convention.
  12. Doctor Who 2011

    I always see tons of people at the photoshoots who don't post on the forums. So there is still hope that there will be River Song. I didn't care for River at first. I especially didn't like her in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. She has grown on me and I don't hate her like I once did.
  13. Kuroshitsuji 2011

    I don't understand cosplayers who don't want their picture taken. Isn't that part of the fun of dressing up? I'm happy whenever someone asks to take my picture. I take it as a sign that I did a good job on my costume.
  14. Funniest reaction a non anime fan has had to your cosplay

    The funniest thing happened to my friends and me a few years ago. I was dressed up as Gaara, friend was dressed up as Kankuro, and other friend was dressed up as Temari. After ACen we decided to go to Navy Pier to take some pictures there in our costumes. We thought the scenery would be great to pose by. We then went inside and went to go get some McDonalds. One person who was working there had watched Naruto and he knew who we were dressed up as. He was complimenting our costumes and chatting with us for a bit. A coworker of his then comes over to see who he is talking to. He kind of explained who we were. At least he explained the characters. The girl then thought that my friends and myself were famous and were actually these characters. She had never heard of anime and just thought the actors who played these parts had decided to stop in while in costume. It was hilarious. Got to feel like a celebrity for a couple minutes before we explained that we had just come from an anime convention and that we were not famous and not actually these characters. Can't think of anything else this funny that has happened. Usually during ACen my friends and I will leave the con for a little while to go get something to eat. When we enter a restaurant in our costumes we get a lot of strange looks. If other convention goers go to the same place then it is pretty funny to see people at these restaurants try to figure out who we are and what we are doing. There was one time when some friends and I dressed up as different girls from Naruto. I was dressed up as Sakura. We had to stop at my friend's house to get her mom's car since the car we were in broke down. Her nephew came outside to greet us and he was pretty young. We were able to convince him that we were actually ninjas and that my hair was naturally pink. I hope something funny happens this year when I am in my Grell outfit.
  15. Doctor Who Season 6

    I have been loving season six so far. I have had the same thoughts as others on here as to what has been going on this season and who River is. I wish I knew how to put things under a spoiler thing. No clue how to do that so until I do I am just going to keep quiet. I wouldn't want River getting mad at me for spoilers.