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  1. 2013 Dates

    I'm so prepared this year. The day those badges go on sale, or my first paycheck after XD I'm so buying mine. I always last minute buy. NOT THIS YEAR!! MUHAHAHA. Also. I should hopefully get a hotel on time this year instead of last minute planning stuff where I stress about where I'm staying. :)
  2. Photo Request Thread 2012

    Mary Poppins There's some in this album I came across. :D
  3. Photo Request Thread 2012

    I got 2 in this album. If it doesn't let you see feel free to add me. My link
  4. IRT 2013

    Application submitted! :D
  5. Photo Request Thread 2012

    maybe you?
  6. Photo Request Thread 2012

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2642473640307&set=a.2642462400026.95630.1809574943&type=3&theater I think this was Friday.. OH WAIT... I'm friends with you already and you're tagged.. XD Well then....
  7. Photo Request Thread 2012

    I was Freya(Chobits) on Friday minus the ear things. Then Saturday not in cosplay but a black corset black hair with a friend in black corset red hair, hung out in the gardens mostly. I know there's pics out there!
  8. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    ACen 2012 on facebook Feel free to tag yourself and people you know, and if I don't have it set up right add me and I'll accept so you can tag lol
  9. A few questions about the rules.

    Silence* Shorter than the person using it, but the top is made of metal, which I was questioning if it was allowed.. Like this except the G looking thing is metal.
  10. ACEN 2012 Weather Forecast

    Stranger things have happened :) (hoping for this too XD)
  11. ACEN 2012 Weather Forecast

    Lame cold weather.. I prefer the ridiculous heat. Gahh...
  12. Pokemon 2012?

    My Umbreon isn't completely finished and doesn't really look like umbreon but I'll wear it anyways lol
  13. A few questions about the rules.

    Ooh. Sailor Saturns Silences Glave. Allowed?
  14. Any free parking lot?

    If you don't mind walking there's motel 6, they have free parking, about a mile from the hyatt. And of course the cta is closer.
  15. Setup/Tear Down Crew needs YOU!

    Not 18 yet this year, but will be sure to volunteer somewhere next year :)