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  1. League of Legends 2016

    I'll most likely be wearing Arcade Sona for both days! I'll be sure to look for ya so we can take an epic arcade picture!
  2. League of Legends 2016

    My boyfriend Darko and I will be bringing back out LoL cosplays. He'll be Creator Viktor and I'll be Arcade Sona. I look forward to seeing some great cosplays!
  3. Countdown From A Million!

    985,892 (a wild kaia appears)
  4. Devil Hunter Yohko Wig tips

    I ended up using skinny firm circle wires that were 49 cents each from Joanns. Thank you for your suggestions though! <3
  5. Devil Hunter Yohko Wig tips

    Hello! For this year's ACen, i'm going as Yohko from Devil Hunter Yohko and I need help! lol =D Picture I do have a wig with 2 pigtail extensions that are about 4 feet long each. Tutorial videos/tips/suggestions are greatly appreciated! =D Thank you!
  6. Tiny Chat :3

  7. Tiny Chat :3

    what's dis tinychat? =3
  8. I'm Shy

    i had 3 accounts? i know i had 2....and one of them got deleted. are you my third account? =D I FEEL SO LOVED HERE.
  9. Avatar the Last Airbender

    hey everyone! My 2 friends, boyfriend, and I are doing an avatar group too! =D I'm going as Korra, Darko is going as Mako, my friend Steve is going as Bolin, and my other friend nick shall be the Cabbage Merchant! Can't wait for ACen =]
  10. I'm Shy

    thanks guys! =D And yup! I'm doing Yohko =] I'm really excited about it.
  11. Already Looking for a ride

    I cannot offer rides for anyone(sorry), but I can help you figure out what trains to take. =] I'm very familiar with Metra and CTA(including buses) feel free to pm me.
  12. I'm Shy

    aww thanks =D i feel so loved here!!! YAAAAY!!!
  13. I'm Shy

    23/F/Midgard. lol!!! =3 and yay! BANANAS!! *giggle giggle*
  14. I'm Shy

    Hi ACen people! I'm new to the forums, but not to ACen. I'm...just kinda shy, ya know? *blush blush* I hope to meet cool and fun people here! I can't wait for ACen! *giggle giggle* ~Kaia
  15. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    I'm thinking bout doing the one or two of the following. Samus is something I really want to do but not sure if i'll have it the way i want it for ACen 2013, but i'm hoping that I will be able too. I'll be able to find out if it's a go or no go once I'm on summer break. Samus Aran Power Suit Bulbasaur gijinka Toph(Avatar) Mari (Green plugsuit with helmet)