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  1. I just want to make sure I read information correctly - So if I were to show up Friday evening, I would be able to buy a Saturday-only badge? And, I know it would be in the Hyatt, but where exactly? And I've read you can get in line starting at 8pm, but another said you can go right over to hyatt and get it once the convention center closes..? Usually I pre-order full weekend badges, but my plans are very last minute this year since I wasn't originally able to go.
  2. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    It happened to me a few times when I was cosplaying Mio from K-on. Now, it's to be expected..I mean it's a school uniform and a long black wig. So it's totally understandable when people mistook me for another character... But.. This person came up to me and was like, "OH YOU'RE..UM oh whats their name?" camera in hand. I told them who I was, excitedly, and they went "oh" and walked away.
  3. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was Hajime from Gatchaman crowds! Really hoping I find some pics.
  4. Such a relaxing feeling. I was so worried that my friends from another state wouldn't make it out. Which, wouldn't stop me from going to ACen but definitely make it more difficult in the hotel part of the plans! Not to mention the fact I want to see them. Now to finish my cosplays.. Still need to book a hotel but we go to the ones a few miles away so we should be fine as long as we do it soon. Whats left on your to do list?
  5. Maybe it's not too much bang/fringe..hmm..
  6. They're actually my go-to store! I had my eye on this one - http://www.animestuffstore.com/miho-auburn-brown-c-5555-p-3-pr-23709.html I would have just smoothed out the curls. Just the fact it has too much bang (i've seen someone wearing it in another color) But i'm using it as my backup if I start running out of time
  7. Unfortunately none of those work~ v-v but thanks for trying to help! (also I'm a bit to far out from chicago, it's a hour and a half drive and I don't have any means of transportation.) xx Her hair is quite thick and doesn't curl, just slightly flips under~ It's also a bit longer than shoulder length. I'm trying to find something in the right shade that; 1. doesn't have pre-cut bangs 2. preferably no layers 2. heat resistant so i can make her hair gently flip under I checked arda and none of the wigs looked right to me~ Epiccosplay has the right color but not the right length in that specific color v-v
  8. I know everyone has at least experienced this once. Where you look and look and every shop has something close, BUT NOT CLOSE ENOUGH! One shop will have the perfect color... But not the right style one will have the perfect style... But not the right color Which characters have you guys had this problem with? For me it's currently Hajime. I know all the good stores and lists of good ebay sellers but none has caught my eye. grrr I found one that was decent but I don't like it's pre-cut bangs
  9. Pantyhose for barefoot cosplays?

    Like I stated, I plan on wearing slippers that I will take off for pictures. What I'm asking is will sheer to toe look authentic enough or where can I find toeless ones. Slightly frustrated since so far i've had 5 people from various sites tell me about the invisible shoes even though that wasn't what I was asking for. ; n ;
  10. This year I'm going as Morgiana from Magi..And she's barefoot. My problem is, I'm quite pale and the skin on my feet is thin..So after walking for a long time. BAM. Blue veins all over my feet. Also have some spiderveins I would like to hide. v-v (i'm too young for this man..) I thought about just putting makeup on my feet, but nylons/pantyhose seem easier. I've heard of toeless ones, or ones where the toes are separated. But where to buy...? Or if I should just buy normal ones? Like Seamless ones? Anyone know where I can buy them? Or have any ideas? I plan on just having slip on shoes, maybe even slippers for comfort since I'm gonna take them off for pictures.
  11. Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic 2014

    I might be cosplaying Morgiana...I haven't decided yet. edit: confirmed. Just bought wig. :)
  12. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    To make it easier. :3
  13. Photo Request Thread 2013!

    :3 My umbreon cosplay Hope this isn't huge. x-x
  14. Photo Request Thread 2013!

    I was the umbreon with bracelets for rings. :3 Hoping to find the pokemon gathering photos.
  15. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was the umbreon with the bracelets for rings. :3 Hoping I can find pictures. ; w ;