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  1. I Fight Dragons

    I saw them in concert with Cobra Starship a year or so ago. They're great.
  2. Question regarding Hyatt

    Do you not have a phone? It's not that hard to call them. Hell I think it's easier to book on the phone.
  3. Would Nolan North be asking too much?

    Oh. So that's why I asked if my husband was playing Portal 2 when he was playing uncharted. Makes sense now.
  4. Millanoo

    lol I think at this point we need a Sticky saying Milanoo is the evil of all evils. Personally I didn't have a problem the one time I ordered from them but *shrug*
  5. Google+

    i rly like google+. ngl, i'm gonna delete my fb before anon gets a hold of all my info. even though they have that from psn anyways
  6. Some questions about materials/fabrics.

    Brushing wigs is really easy. If you don't have a wig stand or head to pin it too, have a family member model it temporarily for you. 1. Spray the wig with water or leave in conditioner(detangle-er). This is how I was taught to start out with my American Girl Doll's hair. It gets rid of the static built up in the hair and stops the strands from sticking to each other. And if you use the conditioner, it provides even extra lubrication for the next step. 2. Comb the hair with a steel pronged wig brush or a WIDE tooth comb. Start at the ends of a section of hair, brushing out the tangles. If a knot is just too tough, snip out the knot with a pair of hair scissors. After the ends are done move up toward the cap. It really shouldn't be too tangled the farther you get up the wig. Just be patient and gentle with your brushing and everything will be okay. Sure some strands will snap, but so does your real hair at times. When you're finished, I would suggest taking a scrunchie (not a rubber hair tie) or a ribbon, something made of cloth, and gently put it into a pony tail like half way down the length of hair, not right up at the cap like you would with your own hair. This will stop it from getting tangled. Personally, I don't have room to display my wigs in my tiny one bedroom apartment, so I bought gallon ziplock bags and put my wigs in them so they don't get tangled, squeeze all the air out of them and close them. Nothing has happened to them. This is also how I transport them to con because I don't like wig heads moving around in my car. This doesn't work for spiked/gelled wigs of course, but then again those wigs don't have to worry about tangling in the first place -_-
  7. Catherine: from the makers of persona

    Get off the Internet then. kanyeshrug.gif
  8. Catherine: from the makers of persona

    The ending to this game! Omg. Who woulda thunk it? I thought after the Catherine boss it was over but no. Love Boss so much, he's hilarious.
  9. Nintendo 3DS

    170$ price drop is nice. Now I might actually buy it. When there are actual good games on it. Wait, nevermind. I won't be getting it.
  10. I'm sure it's earlier because ACen itself is earlier this year is all.
  11. Room Block

    Everyone hurry up and fill the Hyatt up. I want my Embassy room asap. :|
  12. To get a wig, or not to get a wig

    My personal opinion on it, is if it's an unnatural color (orange is kind of borderline) then always go for a wig. Even if you have the same hair style/cut, please don't spray your hair a certain color. It always looks so so so terrible. If your hair is close enough in color/style I'd say go for it. I personally love wigs. I love the way they feel, and I like taking care of them. I plan on cosplaying Katherine (from Catherine), and while I know I can grow my hair out long enough in time (it grows like a weed ^^; ) but it's not exactly the right blond. So I'll get a wig anyways.
  13. Questions Only

    who would want a smelly fish?
  14. Boarders closing

    Oh, I agree 100%. I love to have physical copies of things I love. Hell, I even go out and buy CDs of artists I really love rather than digital dloads from Amazon. It makes me sad that at the rate current things are trending with anime, is they're gonna be released online/digital format only. I can see Funi releasing series straight to Netflix/Hulu/iTunes in a few years.
  15. Boarders closing

    I think B&N will be fine. They have their hands in the ebook market, which is always why I think Borders failed. You need to keep up with the times.