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    Photography, traveling, reading and writing, watching movies, cooking/baking... plenty of things.

    Favorite animes include: Get Backers, YuYuHakusho, Love Hina, Full Metal Alchemist, Excel Saga, Bleach, Angelic Layer, DNAngel, Trigun, Elfen Lied, and Evangelion.

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  1. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    Hey, guys! :) Here is my general photo album from the weekend. Feel free to tag yourself! General Album
  2. What Have You Done Today?

    I played DDR! :) Haha. I used to play that game for hours a day, but haven't played it in years because I lost touch with a lot of my DDR-playing friends. And today [and yesterday] I played the game again. I was so proud that I could still play some of the songs on Heavy mode! :3
  3. That one was awesome. ^^ Click was another one of my favorite R.L. Stein story. I don't remember the title anymore, but I remember a choose-your-own-adventure book at a carnival. I read that one many many times. :)
  4. Photography Gallery Needed!

    Yeah, a domain name is pretty much a must eventually. But like you said, you won't be able to get that unless you pay for the more expensive options. :/
  5. Photography Gallery Needed!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definately take a look at them. :D I figured anything professional and as involved as I am looking for is something I would have to pay to use, which I'm not totally against. Some profiles, like my account on YourProfolio, was so much to start the account, and just the one-time fee. Not a certain amount a month. Smugmug looks more like what I am searching for, but I'm not sure if it will be the same as what I've found in the past. I do know some html, though, so I'll have to play with that one.
  6. Does anybody know of any good sites where I could make a nice, professional-looking gallery for my photography? The site doesn't have to be completely free, but that's always best. (: I already have a page on DEVIANTART.COM, but there's so many things you can add to your page, and I'm looking for more of a professional looking page that I could make for myself to show people what I can do. I also have a page on YOURPROFOLIO.COM which is nice, but you aren't allowed to put links anywhere on your site, and you're pretty limited on what you can put on there. There isn't any way to track the number of people looking at your site, or make any forum-type page for people to leave me any comments. The only for of feedback is putting your e-mail on the site. Does anybody know of any website builder that's what I'm looking for?
  7. Hello hello! :D

    You just made quite a mess on the floor, sir. How could you?? You're goin' down for that! :P
  8. What was your first video game?

    I remember playing a lot of Tetris, Kirby's Adventure, and Rampage for the NES. :) Not sure which was *the* first.
  9. Absurd fears?

    I become a complete spaz when something is flying at my face. Bugs, birds... birds is a BIIIIIGGGGG one.... anything with wings. I. Freak. Out. And I can't figure out why. xD
  10. Hello hello! :D

    For sure. :D Get Backers is such an awesome series. I'll have to keep you updated on that costume. We're just waiting on a response from the guy in our group who would be doing Ban. He's not sure if he's going with us or not. We can't do this cosplay without a Ban! ):
  11. Hello hello! :D

    I have in the past a few times. I was Jessie and James from Pokemon with my friend one year. And the last year I was at ACen I had a Misa from Deathnote costume. Nothing recently, though. My group this year is thinking of going as Get Backers, but we're not sure yet. How about you?
  12. Hello hello! :D

    Thanks, everyone! (: <3 I'm sure this will be quite the awesome place once I get the hang of all this. ^^;
  13. Hello hello! :D

    Hello, guys! :3 My name's Amy. I just joined the forums the other day, so I'm pretty new at all of this... This won't be my first year at ACen, though. I've gone 3 years, but I haven't been to the convention since 2007. :/ So I'm excited for this year! Every year has been such a blast! I live in Wisconsin. Uhm... I just editd my profile page, so I don't know what else to put that isn't already there. xD Feel free to ask me questions or leave comments. Thanks for reading! <3 ~Amy
  14. The Super Share your Deviantart Page.

    Hi there! My page is http://shinji_sama.deviantart.com. I have photography, mostly nature shots, and some poems and drawings. :)