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  1. Looking for a room

    Already found a room thank you for the offers
  2. Looking for a room

    Hello! If anyone has space in their room for two more roommates, me and my friend are looking to stay for the whole weekend. Willing to pay for our space early. Only one of us will Cosplay, Cosplay is pretty light. Some facts as well: Both female, age 25+ Can provide food and drinks to share Pack light, usually need a small space of our stuff If you have any questions, please contact via PM or email:santarosa3to@gmail.com, Facebook profile attached to my profile as well.
  3. Room for two more?

    My name is Chloe and my friend Aja is looking to room with someone near the convention for ACen 2011. We don't mind if the hotel is a quick walk from the hotel. We will both pay are share of the room. Aja may cosplay, but I will update that info once she figures out if she will do it or not. Little tidbits about us: I am 19 and Aja is 20 We are both female We do not smoke or drink We prefer not to room in a party room We are both quiet and don’t cause problems Will probably bring snack and drinks and are willing to share We don’t take up that much space, just a little area of the room for are stuff is fine We don’t mind meeting you before the con to get to know you, but you might want to tell me in advance because I am far away from Chicago right now. If you want to hang out with us during the convention we don’t mind. The more the merrier. If you have anymore questions feel free to send me a pm or a email. My email address is ch.igiametse@sbcglobal.net or you can contact my friend if I am not available at ajaacooly@yahoo.com.
  4. DoubleTree roommates!

    My friend and I are intrested in rooming with you. I am 19 while my friend is 20. We do not smoke or drink and we tend to be quiet at times. We are able to pay for are share of the room and I hope you can contact me as soon as possible. I hope you can email me or contact my by PM to know more about the details.