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    Ultimate Frisbee, drawing, writing, crafting, cooking, martial arts, anime, movies, rock, techno, pop, etc... Ask and I shall tell.
  1. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    So... late. How's everyone? Anxiously waiting as well?
  2. Favorite Novels?

    You should check out some of Garth Nix's work. Sabriel is an amazing series by him.
  3. Favorite Novels?

    I have a fascination with books. As I do with movies, shows, and videogames alike. I tend to immerse myself into it, which I guess is the point. XD But some of the manga readers I know, will only read mangas, not novels. So I was just wondering how many of you read novels and if so what are some of your favorites? Maybe even recommend a few to others.
  4. Rping Story! DO YOU DO IT?

    I use to only RP at the other forum I was a part of (FFspirit.net) I managed to create the longest living RP story. Until an ex-Rper decided to start spamming it. It was bad. He was pissed, cause he made a "God" character and stoped Rping after a week. We kept him alive for a month, he never came back so I killed him off, in an epic battle. He came back after a couple months and started spamming it, killing our characters and what not. We managed to move around it and end it in this giant battle and I asked a mod to close it before he can continue it. I ended it and started a sequel. Turned out well, then the forum lost its admin and started being run by bots.... Joy. Then it just went to hell, the forum that is. Spam bots, ad bots. >.< So I left.
  5. I feel abused now.Thanks. XD I guess its freaky time.
  6. A female Version huh. Sounds like something that would come off as awesome. XD And I've been hearing some good things about the Embassey. Only one way to find out. Just do it. :P
  7. Recipe Trade

    Spicy Chicken Stir Fry What you will need: 1 diced Cucumber (Triangle diced I use) Shredded Carrots 1 diced Habanero pepper Cut Broccoli Bamboo Chutes Sliced cooked seasoned chicken 1 cup Teriyaki Sauce 2 TBLS Cream Cheese Cooked White Rice 2 TBLS Olive or Veg. Oil Wok or large skillet 1. Mix Veggies into a mixing bowl and set aside. 2. Add 2 TBLS of oil to Wok. 3. Heat wok to Med-High heat. 4. Add chicken. Cook till crisp, (usually about a min.) 5. Add veggies into wok. Cook till broccoli is soft. 6. Add Teriyaki sauce to mix. Stir. 7. Once Teriyaki sauce is at a boil, add Cream Cheese. Stir. 8. Reduce heat to Med. Stirring occasionally. (Optional: Add spices) 9. Remove from heat. Serve with White Rice.
  8. Yeah. Jam, Chipp, and Millia are my favorite characters in Guilty Gear. But don't get me wrong. I play SuperSF4 and MVC2 and anxiously waiting MVC3. Guilty Gear was underrated I would say. But at least BlazBlue is from the same creators and kinda has the throwback moves for their Ultimate costumes (in Continuum Shift at least).
  9. So I was just wondering, who here is addicted to the Impossible Game for XBox Live Arcade or on Newgrounds? I first got in on Live about a year and a half ago and I finally beat Heaven followed by Fire Aura last month. If you've played it, how do you like it? Which of the three levels is your favorite?
  10. @Chamgirl- Lol, cookies are awesome. Just baked some cookie brownies too. The irony. @Gits Sac Matoko- I've trained myself mainly in Jeet Kun Do, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Capoeria, Tai Chi, and Karate. But I've leard the basics to a lot of others as well. I've been crafting my own form for 11 years now. I also do weapon training; staff, sword, tanto, sai, Kusurigami (using weight instead of blade), Shurikens, Kunai, and bow. @Retro- I will give that a shot. @Ping Pong- I have played it. Enjoy it playing with friends more than just playing. @Kaaychan- I haven't played an MMO in years. Sorry. >.< @Prayer Police- The Crow is awesome but so are some books. -.^ @The Fujoshi- I have played both, GGX2 more so. And I love them both. Thanks everyone.
  11. Hi, aren't intro's just one of the hardest things to start. XD Let's start with sticky tips. Well this is going to be my third year at ACen, first year staying outside the Hyatt (Embassy). Don't know how that'll be (Liked the atmosphere of Hyatt). I have only cosplayed one character (for Halloween, love it though) and that is The Crow, Eric Draven played by Brandon Lee. And I have donned on a Zombie for a skit. I currently live in Muskego, W.I. Been to and lived in a lot of places before though. My favorite anime is Eureka Seven. Though I really love others as well: Princess Mononoke, Highschool of The Dead, Trinity Blood, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, to name a few of my small list. Currently watching Infinite Stratos. I game. Love video games. Into a lot. Have an Xbox 360 with Live and Wii. I like a lot of types. Currently playing Mass Effect 2's DLC. Any type of art, I do. From Martial arts to sculpting. I also cook and write. Use to RP a lot in FFSpirit.net forums. And that's that. Have fun everyone.